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 Creator:  A.W. Manning's Studio (Edina, Mo.); Foulks' The Model Studio (Renick, Mo.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Northwestern Missouri photographic prints 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH PH P2824 
 Date:  [1890-1900?] 
 Creator:  Abraham, Burl D.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Abraham family genealogy, December 25, 1989 
 Quantity:  typescript, 28 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P711 
 Date:  December 25, 1989 
 Creator:  Ackenhausen Saddlery Co.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ackenhausen Saddlery Co. invoice 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P893 
 Date:  1906 
 Creator:  Ackers, Deane Emmett, 1893-1966Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Deane Emmet Ackers papers 
 Quantity:  1.75 linear feet (5 boxes + 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 237 
 Date:  1912-1966 
 Creator:  Acton, Harold, 1904-1994Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters to Geoffrey Elborn, 1978 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  MS P736 
 Date:  1978 
 Creator:  Adair, Samuel LyleRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Samuel Lyle Adair papers, 1863, ca. 1857 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P1 
 Date:  1863, ca. 1857 
 Creator:  Adams, , George Matthew, 1878-1962Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters by Horace Greeley and Charles A. Dana, 1869 and 1886. 
 Quantity:  2 items 
 Call Number:  RH MS P15 
 Date:  1869 and 1886. 
 Creator:  Adams, Ralph N., 1924-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Ralph N. Adams 
 Quantity:  4 linear feet (5 boxes + 1 oversize folder, 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  PP 426 
 Date:  1955-1992 
 Creator:  Adams, Richard C. ((Richard Calmit)), 1864-1921Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Records and Correspondence regarding Delaware Indians 
 Quantity:  Typescript copy from the original?24 cm23 Volumes 
 Call Number:  RH MS C36 
 Date:  1801-1905 
 Creator:  Adedeji, Joel AdeyinkaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lecture, "Langston Hughes and the River Between (the Making of a Poet)" 
 Quantity:  24.5 x 30 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P662 
 Date:  1991 
 Creator:  Adens, Emeline A.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Emeline A. Adens commonplace book 
 Quantity:  30 leaves, manuscript commonplace book. Boards/covers and some pages loose.Volume measures 20 cm tall.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS B168 
 Date:  1837-1842 
 Creator:  Afrikan Culture SocietyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Afrikan Culture Society records 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 881 
 Date:  1987-1988 
 Creator:  Agassiz, Alexander, 1835-1910Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Professor A. Ramsay. 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P653 
 Date:  July 28, 1882 
 Creator:  Agnew, Caleb Demuth (photographer)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Caleb Demuth Agnew photographs of Mervyn A. Anderson 
 Quantity:  Glass plates are 5 x 7 inches..5 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 15 
 Date:  1899-approximately 1920 
 Creator:  AgoraRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  The Agora Records, 1895-1897 
 Quantity:  8 folders (112 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 15 
 Date:  1895-1897 
 Creator:  Agricultural Hall of Fame (U.S.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Agricultural Hall of Fame records 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1144 
 Date:  1975-1977 
 Creator:  Akin, Florence, 1869-1921Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Florence Akin collection, 1921 
 Quantity:  3 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P853 
 Date:  1921 
 Creator:  Albach, HenryRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  History of the Turnverein 
 Quantity:  1 folder (9 pages, 28 cm.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P509 
 Date:  1941 
 Creator:  Albani, Emma, Dame.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters to Lord Aberdeen. England. 1899 and 1922. 
 Quantity:  1 folder (2 leaves) 
 Call Number:  MS P654 
 Date:  October 26, 1899; March 18, 1922 
 Creator:  Albrecht, William Price, 1907-1986Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of William Albrecht 
 Quantity:  4.25 linear feet (5 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 363 
 Date:  1957-1962 
 Creator:  Albrecht, William Price, 1907-1986Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William P. Albrecht collection 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case + 30 folders) 
 Call Number:  MS 18 
 Date:  1375; 1501-1689; 1801-1962 
 Creator:  Alden, Sondra UpdikeRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Typescript, "The Poetry of Langston Hughes" 
 Quantity:  Typescript1 folder (15 pages; bibliography) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P201 
 Date:  1957 
 Creator:  Alderson, BettyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Betty Alderson 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1202 
 Date:  1863-1901 
 Creator:  Alderson, L. A., 1812-1881Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Reverend Lewis Allen Alderson letters 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P953 
 Date:  March, April 1875 
 Creator:  Aldiss, Brian Wilson, 1925-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Brian Wilson Aldiss papers 
 Quantity:  Binding: Unbound. Loose sheets, placed in folders in boxes.; Material: Paper.; Ornamentation: Includes maps, charts, sketches, diagrams.7.5 linear feet (18 document cases + 1 oversize box, 1 oversize folder, 9 galley boxes) 
 Call Number:  MS 214 
 Date:  1978-1984 
 Creator:  Alexander, Jack, 1930-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Jack Alexander papers, 1966-1991 
 Quantity:  6 linear feet (7 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 722 
 Date:  1966-1991 
 Creator:  Alexander, John T.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of John T. Alexander 
 Quantity:  34 linear feet (44 boxes + 5 oversize boxes, 2 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  PP 46 
 Date:  1966-2005 
 Creator:  Alexander, George, Sir, 1858-1918Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Sir George Alexander letters 
 Quantity:  1 folder (3 leaves) 
 Call Number:  MS P655 
 Date:  1905 and 1907 
 Creator:  Alexion, AlexanderRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lt. Alexander Alexion letters 
 Quantity:  .25 linear foot (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 727 
 Date:  1944-1945 
 Creator:  All-American Conference to Combat CommunismRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  All-American Conference to Combat Communism records 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH WL MS 18 
 Date:  1950-1962 
 Creator:  All-Sew Club (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  All-Sew Club records 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 337 
 Date:  1912-1971 
 Creator:  Allen, Forrest C., 1885-1974Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Athletic Director's records 
 Quantity:  10 linear feet (11 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RG 66/11/4 
 Date:  1919-1943 (bulk 1920s-1930s) 
 Creator:  Allen, Forrest C., 1885-1974; University of Kansas. Athletics DepartmentRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Basketball Coach's records 
 Quantity:  21 linear feet (21 boxes + 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RG 66/13/3 
 Date:  1933-1955 
 Creator:  Allen, Thomas J.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Diary of Thomas J. Allen 
 Quantity:  21 x 17 cm1 volume (+ 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS C84 
 Date:  1854-1858 
 Creator:  Allen, George (Photographer)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  George Allen photograph collection 
 Quantity:  2 Linear Feet (988 photographs in various formats in 6 boxes) The collection is comprised of several photographic formats, including 722 stereoview cards (stereographs), 73 board-mounted photographs, 70 postcards, 11 cartes de visite, 14 cabinet cards, and 1 advertising card. While most items are black and white or sepia-toned, a few are hand-colored. There are 3 photomechanical reproductions. 
 Call Number:  RH PH 137 
 Date:  1850-1916 
 Creator:  Allen, Grant, 1848-1899Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Grant Allen letter 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P656 
 Date:  between 1892 and 1899 
 Creator:  Allen, Thomas B. (Thomas Burt), 1928-2004Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Thomas Allen 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  PP 382 
 Date:  1982-1994 
 Creator:  Allen, C. L. (Clarence L.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Rea-Patterson Milling Company (Coffeyville, Kansas) letter to Phillips & Pinkerton (Bartlesville, Oklahoma) 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf, 28 cm) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P708 
 Date:  December 27, 1924 
 Creator:  Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church (Salina, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Records of Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church 
 Quantity:  1.5 linear feet (2 boxes, + 6 cassette tapes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1301 
 Date:  1905-1989 
 Creator:  Allen County Historical Society (Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Minnie Bowen Allen photograph collection 
 Quantity:  photoprints: reproductions; photonegatives: safety film5 x 7 in; 4 x 5 in1 box (18 photoprints + 11 photonegatives) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 42 
 Date:  1904-1927 
 Creator:  Alliance (Ship : 1819)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Alliance brig financial accounts 
 Quantity:  3 folders (19 items in 3 folders) 
 Call Number:  MS P636 
 Date:  May-September 1819 
 Creator:  Allison, Isadora August (Johnson)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Manuscript, "A Night of Terror" 
 Quantity:  Photocopy of handwritten manuscript.1 folder (15 pages, 28 cm.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P241 
 Date:  1863 
 Creator:  Alma Roller Mills (Alma, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Alma Roller Mills records 
 Quantity:  8 Volumes (2 oversize boxes + 1 volume) 
 Call Number:  RH MS G42 
 Date:  1881-1896 
 Creator:  Alpha Delta Kappa. Tau chapter (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Alpha Delta Kappa, Tau Chapter records 
 Quantity:  Volumes measure no taller than 37 cm..5 linear feet (1 box + 3 volumes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 146 
 Date:  1954-1982 
 Creator:  Alsbrook, Brydie R., 1914?-2007Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Brydie R. Alsbrook papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1132 
 Date:  1920-1988 
 Creator:  Altenbernd, KerryRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  1951 Flood in Lawrence and Topeka 
 Quantity:  1 box (59 photographs) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 113 
 Date:  approximately 1951 
 Creator:  Alter, Dinsmore, 1888-1968Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Dinsmore Alter 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 34 
 Date:  1917-1935 
 Creator:  Altrusa Club of Lawrence, KansasRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Records of the Altrusa Club 
 Quantity:  15.0 linear feet (17 boxes + 4 oversize boxes, 1 video, 2 CDs) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 550 
 Date:  1951-2013 
 Creator:  Altshuler, Harry, 1912-1990Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Harry Altshuler papers 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (6 document cases) 
 Call Number:  MS 251 
 Date:  1944-1994 
 Creator:  Alvarado García, ErnestoRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ernesto Alvarado García collection 
 Quantity:  1.5 linear feet (3 document cases + 3 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  MS 64 
 Date:  1939-1966 
 Creator:  Ambler, CathyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  An Early Stone Church: the English Lutheran Church, Lawrence, Kansas 
 Quantity:  28 cm1 folder (2 volumes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P713 
 Date:  December 1990 
 Creator:  Ambler, Cathy J.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Identity formation in the East Lawrence neighborhood 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P730 
 Date:  December 16, 1991 
 Creator:  Ambler, CathyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Typescript, "Rural cemeteries and Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence, Kansas" 
 Quantity:  Various pagings, includes illustrations and maps.28 cm1 volume 
 Call Number:  RH MS D279 
 Date:  1992 
 Creator:  Amelia Earhart PutnamRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Amelia Earhart Putnam Collection 
 Quantity:  Mounted newspaper clippings and pictures.3 Volumes (Illustrations, maps, portraits ; 29 cm.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D211 
 Date:  1937-1963 
 Creator:  American Association of Retired Persons. Douglas County Chapter 1696 (Douglas County, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Douglas County (Kansas) AARP scrapbook, 1987-1989 
 Quantity:  31 x 38 cm.1 box 
 Call Number:  RH MS 984 
 Date:  1987-1989 
 Creator:  American Association of University Women. Baldwin City Branch (Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  American Association of University Women, Baldwin, Kansas, records 
 Quantity:  1.5 linear feet (3 boxes + 2 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 699 
 Date:  1923-1998 
 Creator:  American Association of University Women. Leavenworth Branch.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  American Association of University Women (Leavenworth, Kan.) records 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (4 boxes + 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 640 
 Date:  1937-2000 
 Creator:  American Civil Liberties Union. Douglas County ChapterRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Douglas County ACLU chapter records 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (3 boxes + 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1293 
 Date:  1982-2009 
 Creator:  American Civil Liberties Union. Lawrence Chapter.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  ACLU Lawrence records, 1963-1974 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 858 
 Date:  1963-1974 
 Creator:  American Guild of Organists, Lawrence-Baldwin ChapterRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  American Guild of Organists, Lawrence-Baldwin chapter records 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 971 
 Date:  1970-1982 
 Creator:  American Laboratory Theatre (New York, N.Y.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  American Laboratory Theatre Collection 
 Quantity:  5.25 linear feet (7 boxes + 3 oversize boxes, 6 volumes ) 
 Call Number:  MS 338 
 Date:  1923-1982 (bulk 1925- 1930) 
 Creator:  American Red Cross. Douglas County Chapter (Douglas County, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Douglas County (Kansas) Red Cross records 
 Quantity:  1 folder (25 x 37 cm) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P848 
 Date:  1982 
 Creator:  American War Mothers. Northeast Chapter No. 31Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  American War Mothers Northeast Chapter No. 31 
 Quantity:  16 x 20 cm1 oversize box 
 Call Number:  RH WL MS Q1 
 Date:  1948-1961; bulk 1959-1960 
 Creator:  Amerson, A. BinionRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Arthur Binion Amerson, Jr. 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  PP 605 
 Date:  1961-1962 
 Creator:  Ames, William Porter, 1879-1964Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William Porter Ames papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case + 5 volumes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 13 
 Date:  1905-1964 
 Creator:  Amon Carter Museum of Western ArtRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Bishop Collection photographs and postcards 
 Quantity:  4 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P626 
 Date:  undated, 1912-1918 
 Creator:  Amos, Milton L., -1956?Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Milton L. Amos Papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 175 
 Date:  1911-1956 
 Creator:  Amrine, Mabel ChilcottRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Mabel Amrine reminiscences 
 Quantity:  1 folder (4 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P369 
 Date:  1955-1957 
 Creator:  Ancient Order of United Workmen. White Cloud Lodge No. 540 (White Cloud, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ancient Order of United Workmen (White Cloud Lodge No. 540) minutes 
 Quantity:  32.5 cm.1 volume 
 Call Number:  RH MS E121 
 Date:  December 1905-May 1, 1914 
 Creator:  Anderson, Susan, active 1977Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Counter culture posters 
 Quantity:  59x90 cm23 folders (219 posters) 
 Call Number:  RH MS R23 
 Date:  approximately 1960-1970 
 Creator:  Anderson, Eugene, 1944-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Eugene Anderson papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 654 
 Date:  1971-1986 
 Creator:  Anderson, HazelRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Hazel Anderson papers 
 Quantity:  2.5 linear feet (3 boxes, + 4 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 818 
 Date:  1919-1975 
 Creator:  Anderson, J. B. (Joseph B.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  J. B. Anderson papers and photographs 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (3 document cases + 2 oversize boxes, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1230 
 Date:  1926, 1944, 1946, 1948-1955, 1959-1968, 1972-1973, 1975-1980, 1982-1999, 2001-2002 
 Creator:  Anderson, Nelson F.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Darwin W. Esmond, Esq. 
 Quantity:  1 folder (4 pages, (2 sheets)) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P36 
 Date:  December 8, 1888 
 Creator:  Anderson, Lionel A.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters to Harriet M. Kemper Morrison, predominantly from Lionel A. Anderson 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 624 
 Date:  1917-1921 
 Creator:  Anderson, Mary, 1859-1940Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Mary Anderson letters 
 Quantity:  1 folder (10 items) 
 Call Number:  MS P657 
 Date:  1912 
 Creator:  Anderson, Mervyn, 1899-1996Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Mervyn Anderson papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1091 
 Date:  1956-1987 
 Creator:  Anderson, Arthur J., 1863-1942Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Notes on Professor Hall performing surgery, Phiadelphia, Hahnemann Medical College 
 Quantity:  On cover: Professor Hall Surgery.12 cm1 volume 
 Call Number:  RH MS AK4 
 Date:  Between 1880 and 1889 
 Creator:  Anderson, Barbara, 1960-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  An Overview of the St. Mary's College Complex and Its Development 
 Quantity:  typescript1 folder (28 cm.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P709 
 Date:  1989 
 Creator:  Anderson, George LaVerne, 1905-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of George L. Anderson 
 Quantity:  2.5 linear feet (4 boxes + 3 oversize boxes, 2 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1227 
 Date:  1872-1946 
 Creator:  Anderson, Hazel F.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Hazel F. Anderson 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (6 file folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P634 
 Date:  1949-1986 
 Creator:  Anderson, George LaVerne, 1905-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of George L. Anderson 
 Quantity:  15.5 linear feet (16 boxes + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  PP 375 
 Date:  1818-1978 
 Creator:  Anderson, Kenneth E. (Kenneth Eugene), 1910-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Kenneth Anderson 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 331 
 Date:  1948-1981 
 Creator:  Anderson, Laurel E. (Laurel Everette), 1896-1993Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Laurel E. Anderson 
 Quantity:  7.5 linear feet (6 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 587 
 Date:  circa 1935-1986 
 Creator:  Anderson, Margaret L., 1895-1976Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Margaret Anderson 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  PP 602 
 Date:  1963-1972 
 Creator:  Anderson, Sam F.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Sam F. Anderson 
 Quantity:  .25 linear foot (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 492 
 Date:  1942-1961 
 Creator:  Anderson, Viola J. (Viola Jennie)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Viola Anderson 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 64 
 Date:  1919-1960 
 Creator:  Anderson, Sam F.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Sam Anderson World War II ration books 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P957 
 Date:  1942-1945 
 Creator:  Anderson, Samuel Brooks, 1825-1907Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Samuel Brooks Anderson papers 
 Quantity:  12 Volumes (+ 2 folders (94 items)) 
 Call Number:  RH MS G44 
 Date:  1825-1907 
 Creator:  Anderson, J. A. (Photographer)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Sioux Native American photograph collection 
 Quantity:  .25 linear foot (1 document case) 92 photographs 
 Call Number:  RH PH 10 
 Date:  1887-1914 
 Creator:  Anderson Studio (Junction City, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Camp Forsythe, Fort Riley, Kansas photograph 
 Quantity:  20 x 46 cm1 folder (1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH PH P2803(f) 
 Date:  October 1945 
 Creator:  Anderson Title CompanyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Land title abstracts for Johnson County, Kansas, 1860- 
 Quantity:  57 linear ft (57 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 536 
 Location:  Contact Spencer Library Reader Services (Library Annex) 
 Date:  1860-ca. 1950 
 Creator:  Andrews, C.C.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to William Pierce 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P481 
 Date:  September 11, 1854 
 Creator:  Angle, George C.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  George C. Angle papers 
 Quantity:  2.5 linear feet (5 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 47 
 Date:  1874-1906 
 Creator:  AnonymousRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Autobiographies of a man and woman, Oskaloosa, Kansas 
 Quantity:  Handwritten in blank account book.1 volume (Unpaged ; 29 cm.) On cover: Handy Account Book 
 Call Number:  RH MS D177 
 Date:  late 19th century 
 Creator:  Anthony, Ruth F., 1914-1994Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ruth F. Anthony papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear foot (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH WL MS 19 
 Date:  1962-1994 
 Creator:  Anthony (Family : Leavenworth, Kan.); Havens (Family : Leavenworth, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Anthony and Havens family papers 
 Quantity:  7.75 linear feet (16 boxes + 5 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 555 
 Date:  1837-1986 
 Creator:  Anti-Horse Thief Association, Hughes County (Okla.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Anti-Horse Thief Association Minute book 
 Quantity:  5 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P860 
 Date:  1911-1912, and 1933 news clipping 
 Creator:  Antisell, Thomas, 1817-1893Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Notes and Annotations in 1859 Edition of The Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydro-carbon Oils 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 volume + 1 document case) 
 Call Number:  MS C79 
 Date:  [1860?] - 1880 
 Creator:  Arce, Joanne JosephoRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Liber Locorum Theologicorvm, dictated by Joanne Josepho Arce to Petrus Josephus a Barriga 
 Quantity:  iv, 126 p, ; 21 cm1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS C303 
 Date:  1795 
 Creator:  Argersinger, William J.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of William Argersinger 
 Quantity:  8 linear feet (9 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 378 
 Date:  1946-1989 
 Creator:  Argersinger, Peter H.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Peter Argersinger papers 
 Quantity:  4 linear feet (4 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1502 
 Date:  1965-2018 
 Creator:  Arkansas River CoalitionRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Corporate Records of the Arkansas River Coalition 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case + 2 video tapes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1268 
 Date:  1997-2011 
 Creator:  Armantrout, M. I.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Anthony, Kansas photographs 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box (28 photographs)) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 77 
 Date:  approximately 1888 
 Creator:  Armitage, Katie (compiler)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Armitage Foundation records 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 685 
 Date:  1982-1993 
 Creator:  Armitage, KatieRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  "Diary of daily life, Lawrence, Kansas: Elizabeth Duncan in 1864" 
 Quantity:  2 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P753 
 Date:  January 1987 
 Creator:  Armitage, KatieRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Karole Armitage collection 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (5 boxes + 1 oversize box + 1 oversize folder + 1 video cassette) KC AV 70 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1143 
 Date:  1959-2017 
 Creator:  Armitage, KatieRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Katie Armitage papers 
 Quantity:  5.25 linear feet (6 boxes + 3 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1479 
 Date:  1953-2017 
 Creator:  Armitage, KatieRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Katie Armitage research on African Americans in Douglas County, Kansas 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (2 boxes + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1390 
 Date:  1975-2010 
 Creator:  Armitage, KatieRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  "Kids, Let's Make a Mud Fort" workshop materials 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH PH P2798 
 Date:  1998 
 Creator:  Armitage, KatieRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Materials relating to educational issues in Lawrence, Kan. 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 272 
 Date:  1964-1974 
 Creator:  Armitage, Kenneth B., 1925-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Kenneth B. Armitage 
 Quantity:  4 linear feet (4 boxes, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  PP 414 
 Date:  1954-2014 
 Creator:  Armstrong, Robert Mercer, 1841-1927Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Robert Mercer Armstrong papers, 1841-1927 
 Quantity:  90 items Kansas 
 Call Number:  RH MS P264 
 Date:  1856-1925 
 Creator:  Armstrong, Lucy BigelowRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Typescript, "The Settlement of Wyandott" 
 Quantity:  Typescript1 folder (8 leaves ; 28 cm.) Typewritten, signed by Edward Bumgardner. 
 Call Number:  RH MS P233 
 Date:  1947 
 Creator:  Arn, Edward F., 1906-1998Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Card from Governor Edward F. Arn 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 page, 11 x 17cm. Printed card, signed. ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P217 
 Date:  1953 
 Creator:  Arnold, Bruce Sealy, Douglas, 1929-2013Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  The Dubliner records 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (2 document cases + 1 oversize box, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  MS 56 
 Date:  1956-1966 (bulk 1962-1963) 
 Creator:  Arnold, Newton Stephen, 1916-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Newton Arnold 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 309 
 Date:  1946 
 Creator:  Arnold, Edwin, Sir, 1832-1904Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Sir Edwin Arnold letter 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  MS P658 
 Date:  July 30, 1894 
 Creator:  Arnold, William T., (William Thomas), 1852-1904Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William Thomas Arnold letter 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf in 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  MS P659 
 Date:  April 23, 1893 
 Creator:  Arnold & Springer, White Cloud, Kansas.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Arnold Springer Ledger 
 Quantity:  1 volume (41 cm.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS G55 
 Date:  1883 
 Creator:  Aronszajn, Nachman, 1907-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Nachman Aronszajn 
 Quantity:  5 linear feet (5 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 236 
 Date:  1951-1977 
 Creator:  Asbury, Robert FossettRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Early Kansas architecture photographs 
 Quantity:  38 x 48 cm or smaller6 linear feet (4 oversize boxes of 56 photographic prints) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 178(f) 
 Date:  1858-1907 
 Creator:  Asher, KathleenRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Typescript, "Quantrill's raid and its effects" 
 Quantity:  Typescript1 folder (8 pages) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P4 
 Date:  January 28, 1932 
 Creator:  Ashlock, Peter D.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Peter D. Ashlock 
 Quantity:  4.5 linear feet (5 boxes + 1 oversize box, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  PP 515 
 Date:  1950-1989 
 Creator:  Ashton, Charles H. (Charles Hamilton), 1866-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Charles Ashton 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 boxes, poster case) 
 Call Number:  PP 48 
 Date:  1903-1935 
 Creator:  Asis, Abraham ARequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Typescript, "Zoning in Kansas" 
 Quantity:  Typescript.1 volume (55 leaves, 28 cm.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D110 
 Date:  Between 1920 and 1929 
 Creator:  Asla, Terryl M.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Terry Asla collection on puppetry 
 Quantity:  4 linear feet (4 boxes + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 841 
 Date:  1930-1974 
 Creator:  Associated Union of Steam Shovelmen (Chicago, Ill.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Account book and Application of Membership for the Associated Union of Steam Shovelmen 
 Quantity:  1 volume (+ 3 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS E86 
 Date:  1912; 1913-1916 
 Creator:  Association for Retarded Citizens/Douglas CountyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Association for Retarded Citizens of Douglas County records 
 Quantity:  5.5 Linear Feet (7 boxes + 1 volume) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 815 
 Date:  1956-1989 
 Creator:  Association of Community Arts Councils of KansasRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Kansas Artists Postcard Series 
 Quantity:  0.5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1331 
 Date:  1978-2002 
 Creator:  Association of Kansas TheatreRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Association of Kansas Theatre records, 1975-1996 
 Quantity:  20.25 linear ft (21 boxes), 6 audiocassettes, 14 videocassettes (VHS) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 724 
 Date:  1975-1996 
 Creator:  Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway CompanyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway miscellaneous files 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1399 
 Date:  1910-1953 
 Creator:  Aten, Stella WolcottRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Collection of Stella Aten 
 Quantity:  2.5 linear feet (3 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  MS 296 
 Date:  1898-1959 
 Creator:  Aten, Stella WolcottRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Stella Aten 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 28 
 Date:  1920s-1950s 
 Creator:  Atkins, PhebeRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Phebe Atkins letter 
 Quantity:  1 folder (item with 4 pages) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P3 
 Date:  January 3, 1861 
 Creator:  Atkinson, Sarah MariaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Poesie / Sarah Maria Atkinson 
 Quantity:  Gortmore, Dundrum, [Dublin, Ireland]19 cm, 38x25 cm. 1 volume (in case and 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  MS C295 
 Date:  approximately 1859-1861 
 Creator:  Austin, Charles E.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Charles E. Austin letters, photograph and diary 
 Quantity:  2 folders (9 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P240 
 Date:  1855-1864 
 Creator:  Avey, Elijah.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of the Lane Family 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (3 document cases + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1201 
 Date:  1857-197-? 
 Creator:  Ayers, William J.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters of William J. Ayers 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (2 document cases) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1353 
 Date:  1942-1945