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 Creator:  B'nai B'rith. Anti-defamation LeagueRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Racism and Violence; the American Hate Movement Today 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH WL MS 5 
 Date:  1981 
 Creator:  B.F. Williams & SonRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  B.F. Williams & Son General Merchandise records 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 990 
 Date:  1920s-1940s 
 Creator:  Babcock, JamesRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Babcock family papers 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (3 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 280 
 Date:  1880-1939 
 Creator:  Backus, Oswald P.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Oswald P. Backus III 
 Quantity:  23 linear feet (23 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 25 
 Date:  1942-1972 
 Creator:  Bacon, Francis CrockerRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Francis C. Bacon 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 90 
 Date:  1923-1926 
 Creator:  Bagai, Judith Eisenstein. Sturgeon, TheodoreRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Judith Eisenstein Bagai collection of Theodore Sturgeon materials 
 Quantity:  .5 linear foot (1 document case + 10 audiotape reels) 
 Call Number:  MS 321 
 Date:  March 29 - November 24, 1967; undated 
 Creator:  Bailey, Mahlon, 1835-1893.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Dr. Mahlon Bailey diary 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1352 
 Date:  October 16, 1868 - April 7, 1869 
 Creator:  Bailey, E. H. S. (Edgar Henry Summerfield), 1848-1933Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  E.H.S. Bailey Personal Papers 
 Quantity:  6.5 linear feet (11 boxes + 2 oversize boxes, 7 oversize folders, 1 oil painting) 
 Call Number:  PP 158 
 Date:  1647, 1793-1973 
 Creator:  Bailey, Elvin J., 1907-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Elvin J. Bailey Papers 
 Quantity:  0.25 linear feet (1 box + 4 photographs) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 503 
 Date:  1956-1987 
 Creator:  Bailey, Austin, 1893-1973Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Austin Bailey, 1900-1970 
 Quantity:  2.25 linear feet (3 boxes + 1 oversize box, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  PP 427 
 Date:  1900-1970 
 Creator:  Bailey, Philip James, 1816-1902Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Philip James Bailey correspondence 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (2 document cases) 
 Call Number:  MS 204 
 Date:  1833-1898 (bulk 1840-1869) 
 Creator:  Baird, T. Y. (Thomas Younger) Kansas City Monarchs (Baseball team)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of T.Y. Baird 
 Quantity:  6.5 linear feet (7 boxes+ 2 oversize boxes, 5 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 414 
 Date:  1913-1992 
 Creator:  Baker, CharlesRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Charles Baker papers regarding the Lawrence Unitarian Society 
 Quantity:  24 x 30 cm3 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P644 
 Date:  1936-1945 
 Creator:  Baker, Norma June ChaffinRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Family pedigree charts 
 Quantity:  1 folder (2 items, 56 pages ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P342 
 Date:  unknown 
 Creator:  Baker, Nancy Kassebaum, 1932-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Nancy Kassebaum Baker campaign materials 
 Quantity:  38 x 25 cm1 folder (+ 9 reel-to-reel audio tapes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P731 
 Date:  1978 
 Creator:  Baker, Clifford C.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Newspaper Clippings: Kansans in Mexico 
 Quantity:  1 volume (200 pages; 24 cm.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS C74 
 Date:  1888 
 Creator:  Baker, Gladys (Beatrice Gladys), 1906-2001Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Gladys Baker 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  PP 199 
 Date:  1898-1957 
 Creator:  Baker, Louise L.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Survey of Haskell Alumni Employment 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 997 
 Date:  1970-1975 
 Creator:  Baker, Hazel BennettRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  "This Kansas Column," by Hazel Baker,and other Kansas-related clippings 
 Quantity:  20 pages28 cm1 volume (+ 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D189 
 Date:  1943 
 Creator:  Baker UniversityRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Baker University miscellaneous records 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 999 
 Date:  1907-1989 
 Creator:  Baldridge, Charles WilliamRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Chronological sketch regarding the founding of Leavenworth, Lawrence, and Galveston Railroad, 1945 
 Quantity:  illustration. Handwritten, with typewritten title page.28 cm1 volume (5 pages) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D55 
 Date:  1945 
 Creator:  Baldwin, RoyalRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Journal and record of accounts of Royal Baldwin 
 Quantity:  Volume measures 17 cm1 volume (1 volume, 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS B71 
 Date:  1856-1860 
 Creator:  Baldwin, JosephRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Rev. Samuel Y. Lum, Lawrence, Kansas 
 Quantity:  22 cm. x 37 cm.1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P5 
 Date:  May 5, 1856 
 Creator:  Baldwin, Mary A., 1853-1933Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Mary A. Baldwin papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1030 
 Date:  1886-1940 
 Creator:  Baldwin, KatrinaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Katrina Baldwin 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 49 
 Date:  1940s-1960s 
 Creator:  Bales, Orin RolandRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Bales family papers, 1855-1989 
 Quantity:  5.75 linear feet (12 boxes and 2 oversize boxes); 
 Call Number:  RH MS 952 
 Date:  1855-1989 
 Creator:  Bales, Polly RothRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Polly Bales Collection 
 Quantity:  4.5 linear feet (9 boxes + 3 folders, 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 875 
 Date:  1930-1995 
 Creator:  Balfour, William M.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of William Balfour 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 312 
 Date:  1959-1985 
 Creator:  Ballard, Barbara, 1944-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Barbara Ballard papers 
 Quantity:  13 linear feet (14 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1507 
 Date:  1982-2009 
 Creator:  Ballenger, Mildred P.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Account of Cherokee Indian affairs in Oklahoma during the past generation 
 Quantity:  1 folder (10 items, Typewritten.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P242 
 Date:  1966 
 Creator:  Balster, Carolyn EdenRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Re-creation of William Bent of Bent's Fort and the Sand Creek massacre 
 Quantity:  1 folder (19 pages, 7 leaves of plates; ill., map, ports. (28 cm.), Typescript (photocopy).) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P425 
 Date:  1981 
 Creator:  Bank of White Cloud (White Cloud, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Accounting, Correspondence, and Financial Records for the Bank of White Cloud, Kansas 
 Quantity:  19 Volumes 
 Call Number:  RH MS E124 
 Date:  1881-1905 
 Creator:  Banker, Louis H., 1920-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Louis H. Banker 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 boxes + 2 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1351 
 Date:  1897-1973 
 Creator:  Banks, Blanche O.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Banks family papers 
 Quantity:  2.75 linear feet (4 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1488 
 Date:  1921-2017 
 Creator:  Baraka, Amiri, 1934-2014Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Amiri Baraka letter to Wesley Hartley 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  MS P744 
 Date:  August 16, 1995 
 Creator:  Bardwell, H. Gertrude WhitleyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  H. Gertrude Whitley Bardwell scrapbook 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet .25 linear feet (1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 680 
 Date:  1937-1950 
 Creator:  Barkemeyer familyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Barkemeyer Family letters 
 Quantity:  4 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P625 
 Date:  1913-1919 
 Creator:  Barker, HiramRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Hiram Barker papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1042 
 Date:  1838-1900 
 Creator:  Barker, John D., 1868-1960.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  John David Barker family papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (2 boxes + 1 oversize box, 1 oversize folder, 1 volume) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 775 
 Date:  1895-1983 
 Creator:  Barker, Roger G. (Roger Garlock), 1903-1990Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Roger Barker 
 Quantity:  4 linear feet (4 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 367 
 Date:  1939-1966; 1980s 
 Creator:  Barker Neighborhood Association (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Barker Neighborhood Association records 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 793 
 Date:  1977-1999 
 Creator:  Barlow, Marion Albert, 1893-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Marion Albert Barlow papers 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 269 
 Date:  1943-1961 
 Creator:  Barnard, E. A. (Edmund A.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Certification of Joseph Adams as an acceptable member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church 
 Quantity:  Receipt date included: January 24, 19041 folder (1 leaf ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P652 
 Date:  November 3, 1903 
 Creator:  Barnes, James C.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of James Barnes 
 Quantity:  10 linear feet (10 boxes + 14 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 325 
 Date:  1975-2000s 
 Creator:  Barnes, NellieRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Nellie Barnes 
 Quantity:  14 linear feet (15 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 466 
 Date:  1900-1960 
 Creator:  Barnes, CharlesRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Research on Kenneth Spencer and Kenneth "Boots" Adams 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 945 
 Date:  1980-1984 
 Creator:  Barnes, William E., 1832-1925Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William E. Barnes collection 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (2 document cases) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1484 
 Date:  1878-1910 
 Creator:  Barnes (Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Barnes City Election poll book 
 Quantity:  Printed booklet with handwritten entries1 folder (1 item) 
 Call Number:  RH MS H3 
 Date:  1932 
 Creator:  Barrett, D. C.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  D.C. Barrett correspondence with a manuscript biography of Samuel Ira Munger 
 Quantity:  1 folder (9 items) 
 Call Number:  RH VLT MS P4 
 Date:  1854-1856, January 1, 1877 
 Creator:  Barricklow, HenryRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Henry Barricklow journal and account books 
 Quantity:  3 Volumes 
 Call Number:  RH MS 138 
 Date:  1847-1863, 1833-1844 
 Creator:  Barry, Florence, 1881-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Emma F. Botsford letters 
 Quantity:  0.75 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1282 
 Date:  1902-1904 
 Creator:  Bartholow, Lewis & Co.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lewis Bartholow & Co Bond 
 Quantity:  23 x 28 cm.1 folder (1 leaf, Printed form. ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P107 
 Date:  Between 1870 and 1879 
 Creator:  Bartleson, John, 1786-1848Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  John Bartleson estate records 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 867 
 Date:  1848-1858 
 Creator:  Barton, Frederick George, 1817-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Sir John Philippart 
 Quantity:  1 folder (2 leaves in 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  MS P660 
 Date:  January 4, 1853 
 Creator:  Bartow, Edward, 1870-1958Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Edward Bartow 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 159 
 Date:  1897-1905 
 Creator:  Bass, Elisha Bass, Elizabeth EulaliaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Correspondence and records of Elisha and Elizabeth Eulalia Bass 
 Quantity:  2 boxes (+ 8 oversize items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 283 
 Date:  1794-1975; 1830-1922 
 Creator:  Bassett, Forrest W., 1897-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters of Forrest W. Bassett (Company A, 6th Field Battalion, U.S. Signal Corps), while in training at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 612 
 Date:  1917-1918 
 Creator:  Baumgartel, Marguerite Kerfoot, 1917-2009Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Marguerite Baumgartel, 1943-2003 
 Quantity:  16 linear feet (16 boxes + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  PP 483 
 Date:  1943-2003 
 Creator:  Baumgartner, Leona, 1902-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Leona Baumgartner 
 Quantity:  1 oversize box 
 Call Number:  PP 52 
 Date:  1911-1927 
 Creator:  Baumgartner, W. J. (William Jacob), 1871-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of William J. Baumgartner 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (2 document cases + 12 boxes of glass plate negatives) 
 Call Number:  PP 219 
 Date:  1946-1954 
 Creator:  Baur, Edward Jackson, 1913-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Baur Family Papers, 1926-2001 
 Quantity:  9.0 linear ft (10 boxes) and 5 oversize folders (20 x 24 cm.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 718 
 Date:  1926-2001 
 Creator:  Baur, E. JacksonRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of E. Jackson Baur 
 Quantity:  11.5 linear feet (12 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 303 
 Date:  1947-1983 
 Creator:  Bayard, Ruth L., 1917-2007.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ruth Bayard papers 
 Quantity:  6 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P792 
 Date:  1978-1984 
 Creator:  Bayles, Ernest E. (Ernest Edward), 1897-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Ernest Bayles 
 Quantity:  8.75 linear feet (11 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 220 
 Date:  1927-1975 
 Creator:  Bayless, John, 1834?-1873Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  John Bayless papers 
 Quantity:  1 box (12 folders (160 items)) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 133 
 Date:  1840-1872 
 Creator:  Bayne, E. A.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Edward A. Bayne collection of Bernard Berenson materials 
 Quantity:  0.25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  MS 238 
 Date:  1955-1979 
 Creator:  Bays, Daniel H.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Daniel Bays 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet 2 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 10 
 Date:  1970-2001 
 Creator:  Beagel (Family : 1908-2004 : Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Beagel Family Papers 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (1 box + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1187 
 Date:  1908-2004 
 Creator:  Beal, George Malcolm, 1897-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Correspondence of George M. Beal and Helen R. Beal with other Taliesin Fellows 
 Quantity:  1 box (14 folders) US14 folders 
 Call Number:  MS 133 
 Date:  1934-1966 
 Creator:  Beal, George Malcolm, 1897-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of George M. Beal 
 Quantity:  5 linear feet (7 boxes + 1 oversize box, 18 oversize folders ) 
 Call Number:  PP 179 
 Date:  1923-1988 
 Creator:  Beale, Lionel S. (Lionel Smith), 1828-1906Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to William Sharpey 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P662 
 Date:  June 5, 1862 
 Creator:  Beall, Ith S., 1829?-1876.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters received chiefly from Civil War soldier Randolph Sry in Company G of the 4th Iowa Infantry Regiment 
 Quantity:  5 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P606 
 Date:  1863-1865 
 Creator:  Beamer, Raymond H. (Raymond Hill), 1889-1957Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Raymond Beamer 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (4 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 392 
 Date:  1914-1955 
 Creator:  Beatty, Brian LeeRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Brian Beatty 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  PP 579 
 Date:  between 1996 and 2005 
 Creator:  Beauchamp, R. P.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  R. P. Beauchamp letter 
 Quantity:  22 x 28 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P640 
 Date:  1832 
 Creator:  Beaumont, Margaret, Lady, 1831-1888Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lady Margaret Beaumont letter 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf in 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  MS P661 
 Date:  February 23, [1865 or later] 
 Creator:  Beckett, John, Sir, 1775-1847Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to John Henry Capper 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P663 
 Date:  August 25, 1829 
 Creator:  Beckwith, Edward Sutherland, 1859-1940Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Edward Sutherland Beckwith papers 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (4 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 814 
 Date:  1878-1942; 
 Creator:  Bee, James W.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of James William Bee 
 Quantity:  7.5 Linear Feet (8 boxes + 1 oversize box, 4 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  PP 570 
 Date:  1927-1995 
 Creator:  Beeson, Mary Frances, 1848-1943Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Autobiography of Mary F. Beeson: James Warfield family in Old Shawneetown 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P615 
 Date:  between 1905 and 1910 
 Creator:  Belden, Ellanna McManigal, 1896-1986Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ellanna McManigal Belden scrapbook 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1154 
 Date:  1912-1922 
 Creator:  Bell, Eric Temple, 1883-1960Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Eric Temple Bell manuscripts 
 Quantity:  2.25 linear feet (5 document cases) 
 Call Number:  MS 154 
 Date:  1920s-1930s 
 Creator:  Bell, Mackenzie, 1856-1930Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Jean Ingelow and Mackenzie Bell 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case + 2 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  MS 45 
 Date:  1870-1897 
 Creator:  Belleville, John C., -1877?Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  John C. Belleville papers 
 Quantity:  60 items1 linear foot (2 document cases + 5 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 182 
 Date:  1861-1921 
 Creator:  Bender, John D.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  An industrial survey 
 Quantity:  28 cm1 volume (118 leaves, tables, Typescript.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D230 
 Date:  1948 
 Creator:  Benedict, S.A.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  S.A. Benedict papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1048 
 Date:  1863-1951 
 Creator:  Benjamin, David, 1963-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Architecture 648 (An Introduction to Historic Preservation) class projects 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (3 boxes + 11 oversize folders, 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1158 
 Date:  1990-1991 
 Creator:  Benjamin, David, 1963- (compiler)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Collection on Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Stull, Kansas 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 787 
 Date:  1989 
 Creator:  Benjamin, David, 1963-; Enslinger, DennisRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Old West Lawrence (Kansas) historical resources survey 
 Quantity:  4.5 linear feet (9 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 763 
 Date:  1964-1992 
 Creator:  Bennett, Maxine, 1915-.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Maxine Bennett papers, 1830-2002 
 Quantity:  14.75 linear ft (32 boxes), 3 oversize boxes; 16 cassette tapes, 3 8-mm movies 
 Call Number:  RH MS 993 
 Date:  1830-2002 
 Creator:  Bennett, OliviaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Olivia Bennett papers 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (2 boxes, + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 896 
 Date:  1974-1978 
 Creator:  Bennett, Robert F.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Robert F. Bennett Gubernatorial Papers 
 Quantity:  303.25 linear feet (305.75 linear feet (323 boxes) + 2 oversize boxes, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 276 
 Date:  1952-2014 
 Creator:  Bennett, Robert F. (Robert Frederick), 1927-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Robert F. Bennett senatorial papers, 1968-1973 
 Quantity:  18 linear ft (28 boxes), 1 oversize box 
 Call Number:  RH MS 168 
 Date:  1968-1973 
 Creator:  Benson, Charles William, 1836-1919Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Annotations and Additions to Rathmines School Roll 
 Quantity:  Publisher's cloth (diagonal fine rib); dark green, titles in gold. Spine and front cover title: Rathmines School Roll.Volume measures no taller than 25 cm.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS C263 
 Date:  1932-1939 
 Creator:  Benton, Thomas Hart, 1889-1975Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Thomas Hart Benton 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 51 
 Date:  1889-1975 
 Creator:  Benton, William, 1939-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William Benton collection of Ronald Johnson correspondence and poetry 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  MS 289 
 Date:  1970-1997 
 Creator:  Bentz, KeithRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Keith Bentz 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 276 
 Date:  1938-1982 
 Creator:  Berg, ChuckRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Chuck Berg 
 Quantity:  29 linear feet (30 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 609 
 Date:  1965-2016 
 Creator:  Berger, Arthur S.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Arthur Berger 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 185 
 Date:  approximately 1920-1950 
 Creator:  Berkeley, MissRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Commonplace Book of Miss Berkeley. 
 Quantity:  1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS C190 
 Date:  1778; 1779-1785; 1803 
 Creator:  Berkeley, PeterRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Dwight Eisenhower portrait 
 Quantity:  39 x 49 cm1 folder (1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH PH P2812(f) 
 Date:  undated [Between 1953 and 1961?] 
 Creator:  Berkley, Eliot S., 1924-2012Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Eliot S. Berkley collection 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 folder + 3 VHS video cassettes) 
 Call Number:  SC AV 27 
 Date:  1994-2007 
 Creator:  Berkley, Thelma HartRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Kansas Public School Diploma Awarded to Pansy [a Brown County, Kansas pony] 
 Quantity:  signed 24 September 1931; related photocopies dating from 193225 x 38 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P782 
 Date:  September 24, 1931; 1932 
 Creator:  Berkley, Eliot S., 1924-2012 Brereton, William, 1604-1661.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Speeches in Parliament, 1627-1628 [new style 1628-1629], created for Sir William Brereton (1604-1661) 
 Quantity:  Manuscript on paper, written in several hands, bound in full morocco leather with gilt ornament and initials W.B. Spine title gilt on red leather patch adhered to spine. Enclosed manuscript letter dated August 5, 1732 laid onto front endpaper, along with unidentified twentieth-century bookseller's description. 21 cm1 volume (505 pages) 
 Call Number:  MS C311 
 Date:  1628-1629 or later 
 Creator:  Berkowitz, WalterRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Walter Berkowitz correspondence with Streeter Blair 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box, 3 folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 652 
 Date:  1956-1965 
 Creator:  Berneking, Carolyn B.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Carolyn B. Berneking 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 411 
 Date:  1990-1999 
 Creator:  Bernofsky, EugeneRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Eugene Bernofksy 
 Quantity:  3.25 linear feet (4 boxes + 3 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 406 
 Date:  1967-2009 
 Creator:  Berry, G. W. (George W.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Record of wagonload weight for driver G. W. Berry, weighed by City of Lawrence, Kansas 
 Quantity:  9 cm1 folder (1 item, certificate ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P676 
 Date:  June 13, 1867 
 Creator:  Bert Nash Community Mental Health CenterRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Records of the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center 
 Quantity:  16 linear feet (17 boxes, + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 606 
 Date:  1919-1994 
 Creator:  Besant, Annie, 1847-1933Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Annie Besant letter to "Dear Sir" 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  MS P751 
 Date:  September 24, 1885 
 Creator:  Besinger, CurtisRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Architectual drawings and surveys of Curtis Besinger 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (4 boxes + 5 oversize drawings) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 335 
 Date:  before 1962 - 1971 
 Creator:  Besinger, CurtisRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Curtis Wray Besinger 
 Quantity:  20.75 linear feet (42 document cases + 70 oversize folders, 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  MS 241 
 Date:  1931-1999 
 Creator:  Beth, Elmer F.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Elmer Beth 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (4 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 369 
 Date:  1932-1970 
 Creator:  Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (Leavenworth, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (Leavenworth, Kan.) papers 
 Quantity:  2 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P876 
 Date:  1920, 1949 
 Creator:  Bhāskara, active 13th centuryRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ramayana palm-leaf manuscript 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (1 volume + 1 folder in oversize box) The manuscript is made of oblong talipo palm leaves perforated with holes for iron rods to hold the leaves in order. Words are incised with a stylus or other sharp instrument; these incised leaves are rubbed with a dark pigment to increase contrast and readability. The leaves are threaded with cords (sutra), and a long iron rod holds the leaves between two strips of wood for protection. While paper was available in India at this time, palm leaves were a more readily available substitute. 
 Call Number:  MS Q57 
 Date:  approximately 1600s 
 Creator:  Bibb, James W.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  James Bibb papers, 1950-1987 
 Quantity:  5 linear feet (5 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1027 
 Date:  1950-1987 
 Creator:  Bibler, RichardRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Richard Bibler 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 83 
 Date:  1940s-1950s 
 Creator:  Biggle, Lloyd, Jr., 1923-2002Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lloyd Biggle papers 
 Quantity:  16 linear feet ([at least 34 document cases] + 1 oversize folder, 10 audio-visual items) 
 Call Number:  MS 79 
 Date:  1949-1979 
 Creator:  Biggs, E. S. (Edward Smith), -approximately 1820Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Christopher Lonsdale 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P664 
 Date:  September 10, 1825 
 Creator:  Billings, William W. (William Wilmer), 1924-1994Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  World War II letters of U. S. Army soldier William W. Billings 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (3 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 774 
 Date:  May 1943-January 1946 
 Creator:  Bingham, Anne E.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Anne E. Bingham reminiscences 
 Quantity:  1 folder (37 leaves. Typescript, with corrections in pen and an inscription: "For the Historical Society of Junction City [,] Kansas--Mr. James Henderson President.") 
 Call Number:  RH MS P56 
 Date:  1869, 1870-1886, 1921 
 Creator:  Birch, Clarence Ellis 1875-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Toward Education Per Aspera 
 Quantity:  1 volume (193 leaves, Typescript.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 121 
 Date:  1966 
 Creator:  Bird, John SRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  John S. Bird jingles 
 Quantity:  nursery rhymes with pen and ink drawings1 volume (19 cm., unpaged, typescript-carbon copy) 
 Call Number:  RH MS B40 
 Date:  1932 
 Creator:  Blachly, Nora E. Crawford, 1907-2003Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Nora Crawford Blachly personal papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  PP 575 
 Date:  1926-1970 
 Creator:  Black, JennetteRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Student's Geography Copy Book and Eighth-year Certificates of Examination 
 Quantity:  Manuscript copy book.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS C289 
 Date:  1871-1873 
 Creator:  Black Jack Battlefield TrustRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Application to the National Register of Historic Places 
 Quantity:  0.25 linear feet (1 box + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1275 
 Date:  2002-2004 
 Creator:  Black Values and Public Policy ProjectRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Black Values and Public Policy Project records 
 Quantity:  0.5 linear feet (2 boxes + 22 audio cassette tapes, 6 audio reels) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1163 
 Date:  1976-1977 
 Creator:  Blackman, MyraRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Myra Blackman papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (2 document cases) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1007 
 Date:  circa 1880-1910 
 Creator:  Blackmar, Frank W. (Frank Wilson), 1854-1931Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Frank Blackmar 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 boxes + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  PP 53 
 Date:  1843-1931 
 Creator:  Blackwelder, I. S.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of I. S. Blackwelder 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 152 
 Date:  1888 
 Creator:  Blair, Hale B.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Hale Blair business ledger 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1003 
 Date:  approximately 1955-1965 
 Creator:  Blair, Streeter, 1888-1966Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Streeter Blair 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (6 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 61 
 Date:  1900-1966 
 Creator:  Blair FamilyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Blair Family papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet 
 Call Number:  RH MS 353 
 Date:  1885-1966 
 Creator:  Blake, RichardRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Richard Blake letters 
 Quantity:  10 folders (3 letters + 7 photographs) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P32 
 Date:  1867-1868 
 Creator:  Bliss, MarbleRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Cabinet card album containing portraits of famous persons 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (47 photographs in 1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH PH VLT 173 
 Date:  1870s and 1880s 
 Creator:  Blocker, Josephine Kelly Nuzum, George, 1864-1921Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Biography of George Nuzum 
 Quantity:  2 folders (2 folders + 6 microfilm reels) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P102 
 Date:  1890; 1906; 1932? 
 Creator:  Bloomfield, Leonard, 1887-1949;Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Menomini tribe linguistic research materials 
 Quantity:  2.25 linear feet (5 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 910 
 Date:  approximately 1960-1970 
 Creator:  Board, Phebe Anna, 1852-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Diary of Phebe Anna Board 
 Quantity:  Leather-bound daily pocket diary.Approximately 13x18 cm.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS K30 
 Date:  1882-1890 
 Creator:  Boedefeld, W. M. (William Maria), 1903-1991Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William Maria Boedefeld architectural renderings 
 Quantity:  Folders measure 59x90 cm2 oversize folders 
 Call Number:  RH AD 15 
 Date:  1940s 
 Creator:  Boehrer, George C. A., 1921-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of George Boehrer 
 Quantity:  2.5 linear feet (3 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 30 
 Date:  1965-1967 
 Creator:  Bohnstengel, WalterRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Walter Bohnstengel 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (3 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 55 
 Date:  1905-1958 
 Creator:  Bohrnstedt, Jennifer CainRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Jennifer Cain Bohrnstedt collection 
 Quantity:  21 folder (+ 1 folder, 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P750 
 Date:  approximately 2000 (compiled) 
 Creator:  Boileau, Jacques, 1635-1716Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  "Historia Flagellantium de recto et perverso flagrorum usu apud Christianos" manuscript 
 Quantity:  160 pages (75 leaves)Volume measures 30 cm tall.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS E279 
 Date:  December 1691 
 Creator:  Bolden, CorneliaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Kansas Association of Colored Women's Clubs miscellanea 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P843 
 Date:  1977 
 Creator:  Bolton, William, active 1695-1711Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Bolton Company letters 
 Quantity:  88 items containing 175 letters. Usually an item contains the original of the current letter, and copies of the last two letters sent. Since many letters are missing, only 20 copies are duplicates. Often a letter is written "as a diurnall" from day to day, perhaps covering a week or two; dates in the description reflect this. Items 3 and 80 contain 2 pieces each; the rest are only 1 sheet (1-4 pages). Items 32, 36, 72, and 77 are each incomplete in one sheet. Occasionally a small piece of text has been torn off; items 30-39 and 41 have been water-rotted, and large pieces of text are missing from most of the letters that they contain..5 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  MS 84 
 Date:  1695-1711 
 Creator:  Bond, John A.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of John A. Bond 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (1 document case + 1 oversize box, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1272 
 Date:  1942-1946 
 Creator:  Bonner, Thomas NevilleRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Thomas Bonner 
 Quantity:  oversize print.5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 184 
 Date:  1930s -1950s 
 Creator:  Booth, ArdenRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Arden Booth State Senate papers 
 Quantity:  4.5 linear feet (5 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1404 
 Date:  1964 to 1990 (bulk 1971 to 1976) 
 Creator:  Bopp, Walter F., 1892-1986Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  World War I letters of Pfc. Walter F. Bopp 
 Quantity:  Typed and handwritten letters (18cm to 27cm); postmarked envelopes; postcard; clippings; poems; program; greeting card, military leave permit.6 folders (6 folders containing 25 letters; 1 postcard; 13 items of memorabilia) 
 Call Number:  MS P642 
 Date:  1918-1921 
 Creator:  Borel, Paul Arnold, 1912-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters from Charles Spahr 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 715 
 Date:  1946-2003 
 Creator:  Boswell, Thelma B., 1916-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Thelma B. Boswell papers 
 Quantity:  10 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P748 
 Date:  1921-1975 
 Creator:  Bottomley, Horatio, 1860-1933Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Sir Ernest Nathaniel Bennett 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P665 
 Date:  May 12, 1908 
 Creator:  Bourbon, Oliver James, 1893-1976; Bourbon, LeRoy, 1886-1952Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Bourbon family postcards 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1357 
 Date:  November 1906 - 1907 
 Creator:  Bourquin, Jules A., 1877-1964Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Bourquin family collection 
 Quantity:  46.5 Linear Feet (Approximately 46.5 linear feet (107 boxes + 6 oversize boxes, 2 volumes)) 
 Call Number:  RH MS G61 
 Date:  1936-1941 
 Creator:  Bowers, Ella, 1887?-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Bowers and Bryant Families papers 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (3 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1156 
 Date:  1900-1957 
 Creator:  Bowers, Ella, 1887?-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ella Bowers scrapbook 
 Quantity:  16 x 20 cm 1.67 linear feet (1 oversize box with 4 folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS Q239 
 Date:  1930s-1940s 
 Creator:  Bowersock, Fred HolmesRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Fred Holmes Bowersock diary 
 Quantity:  19 cm1 volume (holograph, unpaged) 
 Call Number:  RH MS B41 
 Date:  1886 
 Creator:  Bowersock, Justin DeWitt, 1842-1922Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  J.D. Bowersock account statement 
 Quantity:  25 x 38cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P806 
 Date:  1871-1872 
 Creator:  Bowersock, Justin DeWitt, 1842-1922Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Justin DeWitte Bowersock business papers 
 Quantity:  2.5 linear feet (5 document cases + 1 volume) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 50 
 Date:  1860-1918 
 Creator:  Bowersock Opera House (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Bowersock Opera House programs and bank book 
 Quantity:  14 cm1 box (66 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P475 
 Date:  1890-1928 
 Creator:  Bowser-Johnson Funeral Home (Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Bowser-Johnson Funeral Home records 
 Quantity:  1.25 Linear Feet (2 boxes + 3 microfilm reels) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 678 
 Date:  1931-1967 
 Creator:  Boy Scouts of AmericaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Boy Scouts, Eagle Court of Honor Program 
 Quantity:  1 folder (4 items ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P419 
 Date:  October 25, 1981 
 Creator:  Boyd, Beverly, 1925-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Beverly Boyd papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 489 
 Date:  1957-1995 
 Creator:  Boyd, Beverly, 1925-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Beverly Boyd Research on Philippine Duchesne 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (3 boxes + 3 oversize boxes, 4 video cassettes, 1 audio cassette) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1305 
 Date:  1818-2013 
 Creator:  Boyd, Beverly, 1925-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Outstanding Pioneer Woman Award 
 Quantity:  2 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P585 
 Date:  1984 
 Creator:  Boyd, Lyle Gifford, 1907-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Lyle Boyd 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 160 
 Date:  1920s-1930s 
 Creator:  Boyd, Beverly, 1925-; Boyd, Beverly, 1925-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  The Song of Mound City manuscript 
 Quantity:  0.25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 517 
 Date:  1989 
 Creator:  Boyle, Alexander L., Jr., 1926-2006Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Alexander L. Boyle artworks 
 Quantity:  1.5 linear feet (1 oversize box + 11 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  PP 548 
 Date:  1965-1992 
 Creator:  Boynton, Flora S.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Flora Boynton 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 182 
 Date:  1929-1949 
 Creator:  Boys, Richard C. (Richard Charles), 1912-1975; Mizener, ArthurRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  English Poetical Miscellanies first-line index 
 Quantity:  1.5 linear feet (14 card file boxes + 3 folders) 
 Call Number:  MS 333 
 Date:  compiled 196? 
 Creator:  Boys' Hotel (Kansas City, Mo.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Boys' Hotel and summer camp, Kansas City, Missouri photograph collection 
 Quantity:  .25 Linear Feet (48 photographs in half-size document case) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 136 
 Date:  1921-1932 
 Creator:  Bradley, Isaac F., 1862-1938Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  I. F. Bradley, Sr. family papers 
 Quantity:  4 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P838 
 Date:  1976 
 Creator:  Bradley, Everett L.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Everett Bradley 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (2 boxes + 3 flat boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 241 
 Date:  1910s-1920s 
 Creator:  Brady, Marilyn Dell.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Kansas Federation of Colored Women's Clubs 
 Quantity:  Typescript1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P530 
 Date:  1900-1930, 1984 
 Creator:  Brady, Mathew B., approximately 1823-1896Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Mathew Brady photographs from the National Archives 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 58 
 Date:  originals probably taken 1860s-1880s 
 Creator:  Braithwaite, William Stanley BeaumontRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William Stanley Beaumont Braithwaite correspondence 
 Quantity:  1 folder (34 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P229 
 Date:  1914-1927 
 Creator:  Brandt, BertRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Bert Brandt 
 Quantity:  Oversize photographs 1 folder 
 Call Number:  PP 91 
 Date:  1942-1944 
 Creator:  Branscomb, Charles H.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Charles H. Branscomb papers 
 Quantity:  7 items 
 Call Number:  RH MS P46 
 Date:  1853-1886 
 Creator:  Brazelton, J. RalphRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  West of the Borderline manuscript 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 400 
 Date:  approximately 1980-1985 
 Creator:  Bremner, John B., 1920-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of John B. Bremner 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (4 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 600 
 Date:  1930-1986 
 Creator:  Brice, JosephineRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Josephine Brice papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box + 3 folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P747 
 Date:  1886-1950 
 Creator:  Brigham, RalphRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Brigham family papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box + 1 oversized folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1017 
 Date:  1800-1947, bulk 1860-1910 
 Creator:  Brinkley, John Richard, 1885-1942 United States. Federal Trade CommissionRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Miscellaneous publications concerning Dr. John R. Brinkley 
 Quantity:  photocopies1 folder (6 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P653 
 Date:  1920-1939 
 Creator:  Brittain, Ida JosephineRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Newspaper clippings, Collected poems 
 Quantity:  1 volume (30p., ill, 20 cm. Mounted newspaper clippings. ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS B67 
 Date:  1947-1956 
 Creator:  Brittendall, Clarence, 1872-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Brittendall family papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1120 
 Date:  1893-1994 
 Creator:  Brockway, Joseph, 1827-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter and statement of ancestry by Dr. Joseph Brockway, Yankton, Harper County, Kansas 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P613 
 Date:  May 5, 1884 
 Creator:  Brodhead, Michael J.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Typescript, A Soldier-Scientist in the American Southwest 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 item, 77p. typescript ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P392 
 Date:  1973 
 Creator:  Brodrick, P. T.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  General orders regarding Nez Perce prisoners at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P106 
 Date:  November 28, 1877 
 Creator:  Broeker, Margaret E.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Margaret Broeker Sanders 
 Quantity:  2.5 linear feet (3 boxes + 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1195 
 Date:  1923-1997 
 Creator:  Bromberg, NicoletteRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Kansas towns photograph collection 
 Quantity:  .25 linear foot (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 164 
 Date:  1990-1993 
 Creator:  Brooking, Jack, 1927-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Jack Brooking 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 document cases + 1 oversize box, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  PP 590 
 Date:  1956-1974 
 Creator:  Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1917-2000Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Gwendolyn Brooks correspondence 
 Quantity:  1 box (8 folders (65 items)) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 152 
 Date:  1949-1967 
 Creator:  Brooks, Paul R.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters regarding Lawrence, Kansas history 
 Quantity:  25 x 38cm2 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P812 
 Date:  1903 
 Creator:  Brow, William H., 1937-; Boal, Augusto; Argueta, Manlio, 1935-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William H. Brow Papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  PP 563 
 Date:  1975-1997 
 Creator:  Brown, Debora K.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Academic Papers of Debora K. Brown 
 Quantity:  2 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P395 
 Date:  1980 
 Creator:  Brown, Eva A., 1883-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Eva A. Brown diary 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P959 
 Date:  1899-1900 
 Creator:  Brown, John, 1800-1859Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  John Brown letters 
 Quantity:  1 folder (4 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P2 (Photocopy) 
 Date:  1856, 1859 
 Creator:  Brown, LouiseRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Louise Brown Family papers 
 Quantity:  2 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P328 
 Date:  1874, 1889-1917 
 Creator:  Brown, Meg (Conservationist)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  No Dreams Deferred exhibition quilt 
 Quantity:  59 cm. x 90 cm1 oversize folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS R210 
 Date:  2000 
 Creator:  Brown, William H.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of William H. Brown 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 425 
 Date:  1880-1971 
 Creator:  Brown, Frank, 1915-1997Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Reverend Frank Brown family papers 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 document cases + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 474 
 Date:  1933-1987 
 Creator:  Brown, Samuel, 1817-1856Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Samuel Brown letter 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P667 
 Date:  February 28, [1843] 
 Creator:  Brown, Shirley.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Shirley Brown papers 
 Quantity:  7 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P839 
 Date:  1905-1969 
 Creator:  Brown, Shannon RafterRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Typescript, Political history of David Overmyer 
 Quantity:  1 volume (7 leaves, 27 cm. typescript. bibliography. ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D232 
 Date:  1957 
 Creator:  Brown County Court House (Brown County, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Brown County, Kan. Records 
 Quantity:  1 box (7 items; 2 volumes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 67 
 Date:  1871-1876; 1872-1896 
 Creator:  Brown Foundation for Educational Equity, Excellence and ResearchRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Brown Foundation for Educational Equity, Excellence and Research records 
 Quantity:  28.75 linear feet (28.75 linear feet (32 boxes) + 5 oversize boxes, 7 audio cassettes, 2 compact discs) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 876 
 Date:  1970-2017 
 Creator:  Browne, Edward Frederick, 1843-1924; Shannon,, John A., 1826-1895Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Edward Frederick Browne and John A Shannon 
 Quantity:  2 boxes (96 documents and letters) 
 Call Number:  MS 244 
 Date:  1862-1924 
 Creator:  Bruce, Margaret PennyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Margaret Penny 
 Quantity:  Essays.25 linear foot (1 box ) 
 Call Number:  PP 444 
 Date:  approximately 1930-1949 
 Creator:  Brushwood, John S. (John Stubbs), 1920-2007Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of John Brushwood 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 316 
 Date:  1970s 
 Creator:  Bryant, Frank Egbert, 1877-1910Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Frank Bryant 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 56 
 Date:  1902-1909 
 Creator:  Brøndsted, P. O. (Peter Oluf), 1780-1842Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Mr. Smith and Mr. Nicol, Jr. 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P666 
 Date:  June 5, [1836] 
 Creator:  Bubb, Henry Agnew, 1907-1989Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Henry Agnew Bubb papers, 1907-1989 
 Quantity:  93 linear ft (187 boxes), 6 volumes, 3 oversize boxes Kansas 
 Call Number:  RH MS 159 
 Location:  Contact Spencer Library Reader Services (Library Annex) 
 Date:  1907-1989 
 Creator:  Buchanan, BrennaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Brenna Buchanan's research on La Yarda 
 Quantity:  .5 linear foot (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1431 
 Date:  1999-2009 
 Creator:  Buchele, Luther H.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Luther H. Buchele 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 393 
 Date:  1939-1950 
 Creator:  Buck, Dorothy VincentRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Graduation scrapbook of Dorothy Vincent Buck, Superior High School, Superior, Neb. 
 Quantity:  Cover embossing: "The Girl Graduate; Her Own Book;" verso inscription: "Dorothy Buck, Superior High School, Superior, Nebraska, 1911."1 volume (unpaged. scrapbook.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS CK27 
 Date:  1911-1912 
 Creator:  Budrys, Algis, 1931-2008 Freas, KellyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Algis Budrys papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  MS 112 
 Date:  approximately 1955 
 Creator:  Buell, Hester, 1900-1993Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Hester Buell papers 
 Quantity:  2.5 linear feet (4 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 367 
 Date:  approximately 1940s and 1979-1987 
 Creator:  Buffalo Town Association (Buffalo City, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Buffalo Town Association share and photographs 
 Quantity:  5 folders (1 document + 4 photographs) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P339 
 Date:  1857, 1907, 1922-1924 
 Creator:  Bull, Eva WoodwardRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Eva Woodward Bull papers 
 Quantity:  3 Volumes 
 Call Number:  RH MS D118 
 Date:  1851-1882, 1873-1874 
 Creator:  Bullene, Lathrop, 1826-1915Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lathrop Bullene diary 
 Quantity:  1 volume (14 x 9 cm., unpaged) 
 Call Number:  RH VLT MS A1 
 Date:  January 17, 1857-April 12, 1857 and between 1856-1857 
 Creator:  Bumgardner, Edward, 1865-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Log cabin: home of pioneer Americans. 
 Quantity:  1 volume (5 p. illus. 21 cm. mounted clippings.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS C62 
 Date:  1941 
 Creator:  Bumgardner, Edward, 1865-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Edward Bumgardner 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 161 
 Date:  1937-1940 
 Creator:  Bunker, CharlesRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Clinton, Kansas cyclone photographs 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (10 photographic prints in 1 box + 40 glass and nitrate negatives in 2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 35 
 Date:  1910-1940 (bulk 1910) 
 Creator:  Bunker, ChrisRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Chris Bunker 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 329 
 Date:  1985-1986 
 Creator:  Bunten, Dave; Flora, Jan L., 1941-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Fort Riley, Kansas counseling project records 
 Quantity:  1.5 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1019 
 Date:  1970s 
 Creator:  Burbidge, Maria SRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Maria S. Burbidge letter 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf, 21cm. holograph, signed) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P255 
 Date:  August 19, 1869 
 Creator:  Burchill, BrowerRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Brower Burchill 
 Quantity:  11 linear feet (11 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 299 
 Date:  1968-1995 
 Creator:  Burgh, Hubert de, -1243 Lancaster, Edmund, Earl of, 1245-1296Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Documents of Abbey Dore 
 Quantity:  Each document single sheet (of varying sizes) in own folder; Court hand: English: 13th century (Several distinct types represented); Seals of different colors and types: see separate descriptions. Note that item 13 shows woman's seal.4.5 linear feet (3 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  MS Q80 
 Date:  approximately 1215-approximately 1300 
 Creator:  Burks, Gladys M., 1911?-2002.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Gladys M. Burks papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box + 6 folders + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1376 
 Date:  1900-1990 
 Creator:  Burlein, Ann, 1963-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ann Burlein Papers 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH WL MS 43 
 Date:  1992-1996 
 Creator:  Burlington and Missouri River Railroad CompanyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company freight received record 
 Quantity:  1 volume (172 pages, 42 cm ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS G17 
 Date:  1886 
 Creator:  Burmeister, Louis C.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Louis Burmeister 
 Quantity:  24 linear feet (24 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 479 
 Date:  1962-2007 
 Creator:  Burnham, Josephine MayRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Josephine Burnham 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 57 
 Date:  1915-1945 
 Creator:  Burns, BillRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Burns, Bill, defendant. 
 Quantity:  1 volume (174 leaves, carbon copy of typescript, signed. 23 x 34 cm.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS CK1 
 Date:  1926 
 Creator:  Burns, Malcolm R.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Malcolm R. Burns 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (3 boxes + 1 oversize box ) 
 Call Number:  PP 481 
 Date:  1973-1991 
 Creator:  Burns, TomRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Tom Burns photographs 
 Quantity:  1 folders (10 photographs, 2 videotapes) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 171 
 Date:  1946-1947; 1991-1997 
 Creator:  Burra, Peter; Smith, S. NowellRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Album of reviews, prospectuses, etc, of the Oxford University undergraduate magazine Farrago 
 Quantity:  Scribe: Printed. Occasional proff corretions, numbers, by hand. 1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS D80 
 Date:  1930-1931 
 Creator:  Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997 Grauerholz, James McCrary, JimRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  James Grauerholz collection of William S. Burroughs' journals and papers 
 Quantity:  1.5 linear feet (4 boxes) 
 Call Number:  MS 319 
 Date:  undated, 1993, 1996-2000 
 Creator:  Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William S. Burroughs Collection 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  MS 63 
 Date:  1957-1967 
 Creator:  Burtch, Clare JaedickeRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Clare Jaedicke Burtch papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 629 
 Date:  1896-1955 
 Creator:  Burton, Robert A.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Robert A. Burton 
 Quantity:  4.5 linear feet (6 boxes + 1 oversize) 
 Call Number:  PP 345 
 Date:  1873-1978 
 Creator:  Burzle, J. AnthonyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of John A. Burzle 
 Quantity:  10.25 linear feet (11 boxes + 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 547 
 Date:  1920-2002 
 Creator:  Bushe, MillyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Album inscribed to Milly Bushe 
 Quantity:  19 cm, 38 x 25 cm.1 volume (1 volume + 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  MS B113 
 Date:  approximately 1857-1918 
 Creator:  Bushe, Annie H., -1868Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Annie Bushe album 
 Quantity:  19 cm 1 volume (1 volume + 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  MS B112 
 Date:  approximately 1857-1884 
 Creator:  Bushong, MargaretRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Material related to the Bushong Marionettes 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 254 
 Date:  approximately 1935-1978 
 Creator:  Business and Professional Women's Club (Dodge City, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  The Dodge City Business and Professional Women's Club Yearbook 
 Quantity:  36 x 52 cm1 volume 
 Call Number:  RH MS EK3 
 Date:  1932-1933 
 Creator:  Business and Professional Women's Club (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lawrence Business and Professional Women's Club records 
 Quantity:  7 linear feet (15 document cases + 6 oversize boxes, 1 volume) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 149 
 Date:  1919-1995 
 Creator:  Business and Professional Women's Club of Baldwin City, KansasRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Business and Professional Women's Club of Baldwin City, Kansas records 
 Quantity:  .5 linear foot (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 336 
 Date:  1959-1979 
 Creator:  Buster, Greene B. (Greene Berrard)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Greene B. Buster papers 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 512 
 Date:  1902-1974 
 Creator:  Butin, James A.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  James A. Butin account sheets and diary 
 Quantity:  1 volume (19 cm.; 1 folder (25x30 cm)) 
 Call Number:  RH MS B74 
 Date:  1924, 1958-1961 
 Creator:  Butler, Weeden (1772-1823)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  A copy of the Tatler annotated and extra-illustrated by Weeden Butler 
 Quantity:  Ornamentation: Unornamented except for adverts in nos. 97, 102, 105, 108, 111, 114 (being weekly adverts for "Record-Ink Powder", a.k.a. "Oldisworth's Record-Ink Powder").Volumes measure no taller than 37 cm.2 Volumes 
 Call Number:  MS E241 
 Date:  1709-1711; 1713; 1792 
 Creator:  Butler, James E., 1913-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  James E. Butler papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 507 
 Date:  1898-1988 
 Creator:  Butler, TobyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  The Unmarked Burial Issue in Kansas materials 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1076 
 Date:  1993 
 Creator:  Butler County Historical Society (Butler County, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Butler County Historical Society records 
 Quantity:  16 Volumes (+ 3 folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS G67 
 Date:  1877-1957 
 Creator:  Byng, John, 1704-1757.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Biographical accounts of George Byng, 1st viscount Torrington (1663-1733), and his son, Admiral John Byng (1704-1757) 
 Quantity:  Binding: Calf, contemporary. Supra-libros: Byng crest. c 1770? Pagination: 1-3, 1-230 leaves. Ornamentation: Engraved portrait of George Byng, 1st viscount Torrington, attached to verso of last printed leaf. Material: Paper.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS E32 
 Date:  1801, 174-? 
 Creator:  Byron, Anne Isabella Milbanke Byron, Baroness, 1792-1860 MacDonald, George, 1824-1905Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Anne Isabella Milbanke Byron (Lady Byron) correspondence 
 Quantity:  0.25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  MS 107 
 Date:  1856-1925 (bulk 1856-1859) 
 Creator:  Bysom, ClydeRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Clyde Bysom collection 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (2 document cases + 2 oversized folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1493 
 Date:  1925-2015