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 Creator:  Faddis, Ida Weith.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ida Weith Faddis family histories 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 item) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P438 
 Date:  1870-1970; 1870-1954 
 Creator:  Fair Mill and Elevator Co. (Tonganoxie, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Fair Mill and Elevator Co. records 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (5 document cases) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 377 
 Date:  1919-1927 
 Creator:  Fairbank, JohnRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters of John Fairbank 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P927 
 Date:  1870-1873 
 Creator:  Fairborne, Sir Stafford, died 1742Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Chart of "Line of Batle [sic]" with instructions 
 Quantity:  1 leaf , folded (4 pages). Binding: unbound; stub along spine indicates previously in an album or book. Scribe: clerk; signed in different hand "S Fairborne" on page 1.1 folder 
 Call Number:  MS P517 
 Date:  June 4, 1704 
 Creator:  Fane, Violet, 1843-1905Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter from Violet Fane 
 Quantity:  Note the [apparently original] elegant blue morocco Riviere binding: front board stamped in gold with a violet, and with "Violet Fane" at the foot; highly decorated gilt inner margins; spine with slightly ornamented raised bands, "Collected Verses" at head, "1880" at the foot.1 folder (2 pages and annotation (1 leaf)) 
 Call Number:  MS P603 
 Date:  1880? 
 Creator:  Farcot, Eugène, 1830-1896Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Un Voyage aérien; dans cinquante ans. 
 Quantity:  Manuscript, ink on paper, with annotations in ink and pencil. Binding, half morocco, marbled paper boards.19 x 25 cm1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS K32 
 Date:  1864 
 Creator:  Farmer, Lavern E., 1917-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lavern E. Farmer World War II collection, 1942-1945 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear ft; papers and artifacts: 3 boxes; photographic negatives: 1 box; photographic prints: 2 folders (1 oversize); 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1013 
 Date:  1942-1945 
 Creator:  Farmer's Shipping Association (Hettinger, N.D.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Farmer's Shipping Association (Hettinger, N.D.) photographs 
 Quantity:  1 box (25 photographs) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 152 
 Date:  1922 
 Creator:  Farmers State Bank (Lenexa, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Farmers State Bank and Overland Park State Bank telegrams 
 Quantity:  25 x 38 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P785 
 Date:  March 3-March 11, 1933 
 Creator:  Faust-Goudeau, Oletha, 1959-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau papers 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P942 
 Date:  2009-2011 
 Creator:  Fautin, Daphne GailRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Daphne Fautin 
 Quantity:  10 linear feet (10 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 568 
 Date:  1972-2015 
 Creator:  Faux, Gregory, approximately 1726-approximately 1794Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  "Nature display'd; being a short account of such particulars of natural history as was thought most proper to excite curiosity and form the minds of youths" 
 Quantity:  Ornamentation: Illustrations (pen and wash). Title taken from title page. Volume measures no taller than 25 cm.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS C109 
 Date:  1748 
 Creator:  Feighan, J. W.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Mrs. C. V. Blackman, Waverly, Kansas 
 Quantity:  Holograph, signed on "Headquarters. Department of Kansas G. A. R." letterhead. 1 folder (1 pages ; 27.5 cm) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P25 
 Date:  July 10, 1888 
 Creator:  Feldman, Sharon, 1946-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Sharon Feldman papers 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (1 box + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH WL MS 56 
 Date:  1963-1993 
 Creator:  Fenton, Samuel L., 1781-1834Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  A sentimental ramble through a part of the United States. Containing an accurate register of the several conversations, sentiments and opinions of the several travellars [sic] and inhabitants by the way 
 Quantity:  Binding: ¼ leather, paper boards, loose. Pagination: [3]p., pages 2-16, 63-64, 67-98, 101-140, 143-226, 229-278, 283-288, 291-369 [4p.] Material: Paper. Scribe: Author. Title is from title page in volume.25 x 17 cm.1 volume (1 volume + 4 folders) 
 Call Number:  MS C6 
 Date:  1822-1867 
 Creator:  Ferlinghetti, LawrenceRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Lawrence Ferlinghetti 
 Quantity:  6 poems, 24 letters.25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  MS 136 
 Date:  1965-1967 
 Creator:  Ferquet, Gas, active 1855Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Gas. Ferquet letter 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P681 
 Date:  April 16, [1855?] 
 Creator:  Ferron, RobbiRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Materials regarding preservation of Native American burial and sacred sites 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1044 
 Date:  1980s 
 Creator:  Few, Josephine A., b. 1884Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Josephine Few family papers 
 Quantity:  25 x 38 cm4 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P813 
 Date:  1868-1958 
 Creator:  Fike, Henry C. Fike, Lucy Cimbaline.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Henry and Lucy Fike papers 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (5 boxes + 8 volumes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 5 
 Date:  1862-1906 
 Creator:  Filipowicz, HalinaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Halina Filipowicz 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 256 
 Date:  1970s-1980s 
 Creator:  Filkin, WaltRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Walt Filkin correspondence 
 Quantity:  1 folder (5 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P208 
 Date:  1928-1956 
 Creator:  Finch, PhillipRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  God, Guts, and Guns literary archive 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH WL MS 9 
 Date:  1980-1982 
 Creator:  Fincher, J. D.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  North Lawrence postal records 
 Quantity:  1 volume (incomplete ; 33cm.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P189 
 Date:  1884-1885 
 Creator:  Finlay, Gilbert H., 1913-2001Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Gilbert H. Finlay Order of Eastern Star scrapbook material 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1491 
 Date:  1966-1989 
 Creator:  Finlay, Gilbert H., 1913-2001Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Gilbert H. Finlay scrapbooks and papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1155 
 Date:  1966-1969; letters, 1989 
 Creator:  Finlay, Ian HamiltonRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ian Hamilton Finlay poetry and correspondence 
 Quantity:  2.5 linear feet (5 document cases + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  MS 48 
 Date:  1964-1967 
 Creator:  Finley, James AgnewRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  James Agnew Finley correspondence 
 Quantity:  1 folder (+ 1 envelope (8 pages)) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P344 
 Date:  1856 
 Creator:  First Baptist Church (Kansas City, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of First Baptist Church Kansas City, Kansas 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (3 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 436 
 Date:  1946-1986 
 Creator:  First Christian Church (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  First Christian Church records 
 Quantity:  11 linear feet (11 boxes, + 1 oversize folder, 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 829 
 Date:  1938-1978 
 Creator:  First Church of Christ, Scientist (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  History of First Church of Christ, Scientist (Lawrence, Kan.) 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 page. Typescript) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P326 
 Date:  January 13, 1978 
 Creator:  First Church of God in Christ (Coffeyville, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  History of the First Church of God in Christ of Coffeyville, Kansas. 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P877 
 Date:  Between 1927 and 2009 
 Creator:  First Methodist Episcopal Church (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Frederick Eggert gift acceptance speech by the Board of Trustees [William F. March, Chairman], First Methodist Church, Lawrence, Kansas) 
 Quantity:  1 folder (4-page typescript (half sheets)) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P655 
 Date:  May 30, 1920 
 Creator:  First National Bank (Bolivar, Missouri)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  First National Bank (Bolivar, Mo.) records, 1837-1932 
 Quantity:  18 linear feet; 4 boxes; 64 volumesBolivar, Missouri 
 Call Number:  RH MS 102 
 Date:  1859-1932 
 Creator:  First National Bank (Larned, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Records of the First National Bank, Larned, Kansas. 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P905 
 Date:  1890 
 Creator:  First Presbyterian Church (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  First Presbyterian Church of Lawrence records 
 Quantity:  17 linear feet (19 boxes + 5 oversize boxes+ 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1111 
 Date:  1834-2003 
 Creator:  First Regular Missionary Baptist Church (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Records of the First Regular Missionary Baptist Church of Lawrence, Kansas, 1915-2005 
 Quantity:  2 linear ft (4 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 605 
 Date:  1915-2005 
 Creator:  First United Methodist Church (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  First United Methodist Church records 
 Quantity:  1.75 linear feet (3 document cases) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 804 
 Date:  1877-1971 
 Creator:  First United Presbyterian Church (Oswego, Kan.).Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Church program and clippings about the First United Presbyterian Church (Oswego, Kan.) 
 Quantity:  1 folder (2 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P465 
 Date:  1973 
 Creator:  Fischer, ChuckRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Chuck Fischer papers 
 Quantity:  7.5 linear feet (17 boxes + 11 oversize boxes, 6 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  MS 316 
 Date:  1989-2016 
 Creator:  Fischer, Julius.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Julius Fischer ledger books 
 Quantity:  5 Volumes 
 Call Number:  RH MS E127 
 Date:  1882-1898 
 Creator:  Fischietti, Domenico, approximately 1725-approximately 1810Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Domenico Fischietti libretto 
 Quantity:  [197] leaves; folio. Binding: 18th Century calf. Foliation: [A^13, B-L^8, M^4, N^12, O-Q^8, R-S^12, T-Z^8]. The material is paper.241 x 287 mm1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS K5 
 Date:  after 1757 
 Creator:  Fisher, William, active 1809Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Account Books of Hill Top Farm, etc. 
 Quantity:  38 x 25 cm.3 Volumes (+ 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  MS C296 
 Date:  1823-1872 
 Creator:  Fisher, Hugh DunnRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Episodes in Kansas history 
 Quantity:  1 folder (49 leaves. Holograph. Separately titled episodes.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P27 
 Date:  approximately 1896? 
 Creator:  Fisher, Mike, 1936Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Mike Fisher 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 334 
 Date:  1980-2003 
 Creator:  Fisher, Harry, W.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  "Promotion of National Park Site, Fort Scott [Kansas]" manuscript 
 Quantity:  1 volume (+ 10 photographs) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D274 
 Date:  approximately 1958 
 Creator:  Fitch, Edward. 1832-1863.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Edward Fitch Correspondence 
 Quantity:  1 folder (52 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P429 
 Date:  1854-1870, 1928. 
 Creator:  Fitzpatrick, T. J., 1868-1952Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Correspondence, magazine articles and reviews, and biographical material on Constantine Samuel Rafinesque, 1783-1840 
 Quantity:  2 boxes 
 Call Number:  MS 13 
 Date:  1817-1839; 1917-1943 
 Creator:  Fitzpatrick, William John, 1830-1896Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter from William John Fitzpatrick to Hepworth Dixon. Kilmacud Manor (Stillorgan, Dublin, Ireland) August 17 [1859?]. 
 Quantity:  1 letter (4 pieces: 16 pages) Accompanied by scrap envelope used by O'Hegarty in 1954 to store the letter. (1 piece) Ornamentation: Embossed crest of Fitzpatrick family (dragon surmounted by lion, encircled by collar "Fortis sub forte fatiscet".) Pagination: Pages 2, 15-16 blank. Sheets 2-4 numbered ii, iii, iv. Author's Holograph: Possibly; not checked. Signed. Material: Paper. [Ireland]: Dublin: Stillorgan: Kilmacud Manor; [England: London: Athenaeum Office??] 
 Call Number:  MS P580:1 
 Date:  August 17 [1859?] 
 Creator:  Fitzwilliam, Francis Pierce, 1873-; Fitzwilliam, Francis PierceRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Correspondence of Francis Pierce Fitzwilliam 
 Quantity:  1 box (354 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 12 
 Date:  1894-1911 
 Creator:  Fitzwilliam, Francis Pierce.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Francis Pierce Fitzwilliam letterbook 
 Quantity:  1 volume (1002 pages; 31 cm, typewritten, carbon copies, signed with index) 
 Call Number:  RH MS E58 
 Date:  1910-1913 
 Creator:  Flaubert , Gustave, 1821-1880Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter from Gustave Flaubert to "Mon cher ami" [Henri-Félix Duquesnel] 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  MS P741 
 Date:  November 6, 1871 
 Creator:  Fleeson, Doris, 1901-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Doris Fleeson 
 Quantity:  2.25 linear feet (5 boxes + 8 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 186 
 Date:  1912-1970 
 Creator:  Flentje, H. EdwardRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  H. Edward Flentje Papers 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 897 
 Date:  1974-1979 
 Creator:  Fletcher, Louis R.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Louis R. Fletcher 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 208 
 Date:  1970s 
 Creator:  Fletcher (Family : 1600- : Scotland)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Fletcher of Saltoun collection 
 Quantity:  The manuscripts in the Fletcher of Saltoun collection are written in a number of hands, some tentatively identified as recurring in several of the documents. Hand A (possibly Andrew Fletcher, 1722-1779?) appears in MSS 109:1, 109:4, 109:6, B80, B83, and C204; Hand B in MSS 109:2, 109:4, and B80; and Hand C (possibly Lieutenant General Henry Fletcher, died 1803) appears in MSS 109:5, 109:7, B84, and K17..25 linear feet (1 document case + 10 volumes) 
 Call Number:  MS 109 
 Date:  approximately 1600-1806 
 Creator:  Flexman, William, active 1817-1850Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Robert Cole 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P682 
 Date:  January 17, 1819 
 Creator:  Flint, Homer Eon, 1889-1924Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Homer Eon Flint papers 
 Quantity:  1.5 linear feet (3 document cases) 
 Call Number:  MS 328 
 Date:  1911-2002 
 Creator:  Floersch, H. M.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Dr. H. M. Floersch collection 
 Quantity:  2 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P950 
 Date:  between 1920 and 1946 
 Creator:  Flora, Fletcher, 1914-1969Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Fletcher Flora 
 Quantity:  13 linear feet (13 boxes + 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 518 
 Date:  1939-1986 
 Creator:  Fogle, WilliamRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of William Fogle 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 67 
 Date:  1889-1894 
 Creator:  Foix, Pierre de, Cardinal, 1386-1464Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Legatio Cardinalis de Fussa ad Regem Aragonensem 
 Quantity:  Binding: Limp vellum. The material is paper. Script identified by cataloger as written in several hands.Volume is no taller than 30 cm.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS D122 
 Date:  1424-1430 [written 17th century?] 
 Creator:  Foley, Frank Clingan, 1906-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Frank Foley 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 297 
 Date:  1954-1974 
 Creator:  Foltz, Lloyd, 1897-1990Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  "Drought" 
 Quantity:  22 x 37 cm.1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P890 
 Date:  1930s? 
 Creator:  Forbes Brothers Central Mills (Topeka, Kan.).Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Forbes Brothers Central Mills financial records 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 359 
 Date:  1931-1948 
 Creator:  Ford, Ford Madox, 1873-1939Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters from Ford Madox Ford 
 Quantity:  2 folders 
 Call Number:  MS P115 
 Date:  between 1892 and 1919? 
 Creator:  Ford School (Ogallah, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Records of Ford School in Ogallah, Kansas 
 Quantity:  3 Volumes 
 Call Number:  RH MS G73 
 Date:  1911-1947 
 Creator:  Forshee, J. M.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter from Fort Harker, Kansas 
 Quantity:  25 x 38 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P826 
 Date:  August 11, approximately 1867 
 Creator:  Forster, JohnRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Documents of Walter Savage Landor, collected by John Forster 
 Quantity:  1 box (4 items) 
 Call Number:  MS 111 
 Date:  approximately 1830-1876 
 Creator:  Forty-nine Sixty-three Neighborhood Coalition (Kansas City, Mo.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Forty-Nine Sixty-Three Neighborhood Coalition records 
 Quantity:  36 items3 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P40 
 Date:  1971-1972, undated 
 Creator:  Foster, J. B., active 1890-1902.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Foster Brothers Collection, 1890-1902 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1277 
 Date:  1890-1902 
 Creator:  Foster, Robert E.; Lawrence City Band (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lawrence City Band Records 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (1 box + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1365 
 Date:  1992-2012 
 Creator:  Foster, William P. (William Patrick)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William Foster papers 
 Quantity:  5.75 linear feet (8 boxes + 4 oversize boxes, 6 oversize folders, 11 LPs, 5 CDs, 5 videocassettes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 656 
 Date:  1940-2012 
 Creator:  Fowler, John Ezra, 1938-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  GRIST records 
 Quantity:  1.75 linear feet (4 document cases) 
 Call Number:  MS 53 
 Date:  1963-1968 
 Creator:  Fowler, John Ezra, 1938-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  John Fowler collection 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  MS 344 
 Date:  1965-2015 
 Creator:  Fox, Kathleen Boston, 1947-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Typescript of "Our Campbell Legacy," by Kathleen Boston Fox, together with family letters and personal accounts of Luther R. Johnson 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 493 
 Date:  1862-1908 
 Creator:  Foyle, G., active 1796Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  G. Foyle Estates Survey 
 Quantity:  Binding: Brown calf, plain gilt rule. Rebacked by dealer: 5 cords, each with pair of gilt lines. In presentation case: Dark green modern buckram clamshell; spine-label gold-lettered black leather. (Case accompanied manuscript; probably made by bookdealer.) Pagination: [i-iv], 1-84, [v-viii]. (Odd numbers on verso.) Ornamentation: 16 survey-maps; Imaginary view of wall and trees on title-page; some ornamental letters. Material: Paper.Case: 26.4 x 16.9 cm. Binding: 24.2 x 15.4. Page: 23.2 x 14.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS D172 
 Date:  1796?, 1805 
 Creator:  France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  French Treaty of Alliance with Spain and Valais 
 Quantity:  12 pages; the material is paper.24 x 17 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  MS P119 
 Date:  1730? 
 Creator:  Francis, Carol BuhlerRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Carol Buhler Francis 
 Quantity:  8.5 linear feet (10 boxes + 10 oversize boxes, 3 oversize folders, 10 reel-to-reel audio tapes, 88 cassette tapes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 582 
 Date:  1874-2015 
 Creator:  Frank R. Lanter Lumber Company (Olathe, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Frank R. Lanter Lumber Company collection 
 Quantity:  Volume sizes vary, none taller than 45 cm.3 Volumes 
 Call Number:  RH MS E13 
 Date:  1887-1912 
 Creator:  Frankfort High School (Frankfort, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Frankfort High School stock certificate 
 Quantity:  printed. Signed by F. W. Huntington, Supt. 12 x 19 cm1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P218 
 Date:  June 1, 1924 
 Creator:  Frankland, William, 1761-1816Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William Frankland journal 
 Quantity:  Binding: Tall, thin sheets, bound at top. Material: Paper.Volume is approximately 14x18 cm.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS A29 
 Date:  August 30, 1813 - December 6, 1815 
 Creator:  Franklin, William E., 1842-1930Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Franklin family collection, 1865-1947 
 Quantity:  .75 linear ft (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1127 
 Date:  1865-1947 
 Creator:  Franklin, Miriam AnneRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Miriam Franklin papers, 1881-1992 
 Quantity:  26.5 linear ft. (37 boxes), 2 oversize boxes 
 Call Number:  RH MS 730 
 Location:  Contact Spencer Library Reader Services (Library Annex) 
 Date:  1881-1992 
 Creator:  Franklin County, Kansas.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Warranty deeds and other miscellaneous deeds 
 Quantity:  3 folders (27 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P110 
 Date:  1863-1872 
 Creator:  Franklin-Douglas County Coalition of Concerned CitizensRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Records of the 59 Coalition 
 Quantity:  3.75 linear feet (6 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 614 
 Date:  1996-2002 
 Creator:  Frasconi, AntonioRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Woodcuts of literary authors made by Antonio Frasconi 
 Quantity:  69 x 39.5 cm (and smaller)3 folders 
 Call Number:  MS Q45 
 Date:  1959-1965 
 Creator:  Fraternal Aid AssociationRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Fraternal Aid Hall Floor Plan 
 Quantity:  22 x 37 cm1 folder (1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS Q417 
 Date:  [between 1894-1904], 1907 
 Creator:  Frayer, David W.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of David Frayer 
 Quantity:  4 linear feet (4 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 619 
 Date:  1972-2012 
 Creator:  Frayne, Frank I. (Frank Ives), 1836-1891Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Frank Ivers Frayne collection 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (3 document cases + 4 volumes, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 79 
 Date:  1881-1891 
 Creator:  Frazer, William, 1824-1899Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William Frazer papers 
 Quantity:  Ornamentation: Pencil and ink sketches and tracings of bells usually less than a foot high..25 linear feet (1 document case containing 1 notebook and 19 folders) 
 Call Number:  MS 85 
 Date:  1880s 
 Creator:  Frederikson, Edna; Frederikson, Otto FrovinRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Otto and Edna Frederikson papers 
 Quantity:  4.25 linear feet (5 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 674 
 Date:  1864-1998 
 Creator:  Freedom Coalition (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Freedom Coalition collection 
 Quantity:  6.25 linear feet (8 document cases + 5 oversize boxes, 6 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 697 
 Date:  1970-2003 
 Creator:  Freeman, GlenRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Freeman Collection of Hesper, Kansas History 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 979 
 Date:  1912-1977 
 Creator:  Freeman, Bryant C.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Bryant Freeman 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 344 
 Date:  1984 
 Creator:  Freeman, Zanoni B.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Zanoni B. Freeman letters 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box (33 folders)) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 647 
 Date:  March 24, 1918 - April 6, 1919 
 Creator:  Freemasons. Acacia Lodge, No. 9 (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Acacia Lodge No. 9 (Lawrence, Kansas) miscellaneous records 
 Quantity:  1 folder (7 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P654 
 Date:  1938, 1957, 1968, 1971-1973 
 Creator:  Freemasons. Enterprise Lodge No. 70 (Coffeyville, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Records of Prince Hall Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Kansas and its Jurisdiction 
 Quantity:  4 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P595 
 Date:  1946-1969 
 Creator:  Freemasons. Olive Branch Lodge No. 74 (Kansas City, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Olive Branch Lodge No. 74 F. & A.M. 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P820 
 Date:  1977 
 Creator:  Freemasons. Tyrian Lodge No. 246 (Garden City, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of the Freemasons, Tyrian Lodge No. 246 (Garden City, Kan.) 
 Quantity:  4 folders (4 folders + 2 volumes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P273 
 Date:  1891-1934 
 Creator:  Freese, Clyde K.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Clyde K. Freese 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 355 
 Date:  1960-1969 
 Creator:  Frey, Kingsley R.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Kingsley and Regina Frey fiftieth wedding anniversary 
 Quantity:  1 folder (2 items ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P580 
 Date:  1978 
 Creator:  Friauf, Robert J.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Robert J. Friauf 
 Quantity:  22 linear feet (22 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 387 
 Date:  1953-1994 
 Creator:  Friendly Ten Club (Nicodemus, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Notebook of the Friendly Ten Club 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P746 
 Date:  1952-1953 
 Creator:  Friends in Council (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Friends in Council records 
 Quantity:  3.25 linear feet (7 document cases + 25 volumes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 94 
 Date:  1871-2016 
 Creator:  Friends of Music (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lawrence Friends of Music 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1463 
 Date:  1967-2006 
 Creator:  Friends of the Kaw (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Friends of the Kaw records 
 Quantity:  11 linear feet (12 boxes + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1160 
 Date:  1980-2009 (bulk 1994-2009) 
 Creator:  Friends of Yates Branch (Kansas City, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Friends of Yates Branch records 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (3 document cases + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 521 
 Date:  1925-1993 
 Creator:  Friesen, Aaron, 1899-1959Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Aaron Friesen autograph album 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P862 
 Date:  1905-1906 
 Creator:  Frisbie, J.T., active 1900Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Richard Salisbury from J.T. Frisbie 
 Quantity:  Collation: 1 1/2 sheets; the material is paper.1 folder (5 pages: 2 pieces.) 
 Call Number:  MS P568 
 Date:  May 1900 
 Creator:  Fruehauf Truck CompanyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Fruehauf Truck Company photographs 
 Quantity:  8 x 10 inches1 box (14 photographs) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 147 
 Date:  1944-1951 
 Creator:  Fry, G. W. (George W.), b. 1838Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  G.W. Fry correspondence 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1149 
 Date:  1885-1896 
 Creator:  Fry, H. B.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to John C. Hotten 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P683 
 Date:  [approximately 1872] 
 Creator:  Fulghem, DorothyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Fulghem Photograph Collection 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 115 
 Date:  approximately 1929 - 1945 
 Creator:  Fullenwider, CathyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Cathy Fullenwider's paper for History of the Book class titled, "Early printing in Lawrence, Kansas" 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 item, 20 pages ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P359 
 Date:  1980 
 Creator:  Fullenwider, Henry F., 1940-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Henry F. Fullenwider 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 428 
 Date:  1978 
 Creator:  Fuller, George W., 1845-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter from Kansas City banker George W. Fuller (Chairman, Business Men's Committee) soliciting contributions to Kansas City's Y.M.C.A. building fund 
 Quantity:  typescript1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P671 
 Date:  February 20, 1906 
 Creator:  Fuller, HerbertRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Herbert Fuller 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 68 
 Date:  1896 
 Creator:  Fuller, LorenzoRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Lorenzo Fuller 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 170 
 Date:  1940-1949 
 Creator:  Funk, Russell R., 1884-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Russell R. Funk family papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1025 
 Date:  1912-1935 
 Creator:  Funston, Frederick, 1865-1917Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to E. E. [Edwin Emery] Slosson 
 Quantity:  25 x 38 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P814 
 Date:  May 8, 1912 
 Creator:  Furttenbach, JosephRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Beschreibung einer (neuen) Buchszenmeisterey 
 Quantity:  Pagination: title page, leaves 1-2, 4, 6-9, 11-22, [4 leaves], 23-48, 51-52, 49-50, 53 [11 leaves]; leaves 3, 5, 10 wanting; extra leaves inserted between 22 and 23, and at end; 51 misbound between 48 and 49. Binding: Vellum [20th Century?]. Ornamentation: 52 drawings of firearms, fireworks, surveying, instruments, plans of fortifications. Scribe: Joannes Jacobus Bröchius von Rainfelden.31 x 19.5 cm1 volume (66 leaves) 
 Call Number:  MS E31 
 Date:  1634? 
 Creator:  Förster, AmbrosiusRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Liber amicorum (Book of friends) 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf, 150 x 194 mm) 
 Call Number:  MS P114 
 Date:  1611-1613