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 Creator:  Rader, Mätthaeus, 1561-1634Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Supplementum [ad bavarium Piam eius] 
 Quantity:  Bound with Bavaria Pia in 19th century yellow morocco with original front cover of white vellum, decorated with black border and central decorative cartouche of "Maria" bound in at end. 132 pages. Paper support. 30.5 cm x 19.8 cm1 volume (1 manuscript) 
 Call Number:  MS E33, item 2 
 Date:  approximately 1628-1634 
 Creator:  Radioactive Free KansasRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Radioactive Free Kansas records 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 798 
 Date:  1978-1982 
 Creator:  Radke, Lee, 1920-1986; Radke, Lee, 1920-1986Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Arleen Purcell biographical material 
 Quantity:  1 folder (2 leaves) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P657 
 Date:  March 29, 1956 
 Creator:  Rager, T.F.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  History of the Osage Mission Lodge from 1870-1900 
 Quantity:  1 folder (9 leaves) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P104 
 Date:  1900 
 Creator:  Rahskopf, JosephRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Joseph Rahskopf collection 
 Quantity:  1 volume (1 volume + 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS B9 
 Date:  1859-1866 
 Creator:  Railsback, Thurman Forrest, 1884-1956Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Thurman Forrest Railsback legal papers 
 Quantity:  13.5 linear feet (27 document cases) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 147 
 Date:  1930-1956 
 Creator:  Rainbow-Earhart, Kathryn, 1921-2011Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Dr. Kathryn Rainbow-Earhart 
 Quantity:  2.25 linear feet (4 boxes, 3 oversize boxes, 7 cassette tapes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1294 
 Date:  1938-2011 
 Creator:  Raine, William Macleod, 1871-1954Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William MacLeod Raine letters 
 Quantity:  1 folders (3 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P129 
 Date:  1934-1938 
 Creator:  Raleigh, Walter, Sir, 1552?-1618Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Sir Walter Raleigh his Apologie 
 Quantity:  Unbound; pinned in gutter with 2 straight pins; Paper support with watermark. Written in 2 or more hands. 20 pages;1 quire of 5 sheets. 1 folder (1 item.) 
 Call Number:  MS P519 
 Date:  between 1618 and 1969 
 Creator:  Randel, Vernell HagermanRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Vinland, Kansas history scrapbook and records 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1077 
 Date:  1907-1998 
 Creator:  Randlett, Reuben A., 1837-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Interviews by William E. Connelley and letter 
 Quantity:  1 folder (5 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P131 
 Date:  1906-1916 
 Creator:  Randolph, A. M. F. (Asa Maxson Fitz), 1829-1898Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to D. B. Canfield & Co. 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf. 26 cm. Holograph on State of Kansas, Office of Attorney General letterhead. ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P130 
 Date:  1875 
 Creator:  Ratner, Payne Harry, 1896-1974Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Payne Ratner scrapbooks 
 Quantity:  28 cm.2 volume (ill., ports) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D234 
 Date:  1940-1942 
 Creator:  Ratzlaff, Heinrich, 1848-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Photocopy of Experiences of My Youth and Later Life 
 Quantity:  1 folder (11 leaves) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P464 
 Date:  1941 
 Creator:  Rawlings, Moses Marshall, -1869Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Moses Marshall Rawlings papers 
 Quantity:  1 folder (27 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P133 
 Date:  1839-1869 
 Creator:  Rayhill, George Walter, 1848-1930Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  George Walter Rayhill collection 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (5 document cases + 3 volumes, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 82 
 Date:  [1855]-1952 
 Creator:  Rayhill, MarthaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Martha Rayhill 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  PP 240 
 Date:  1919-1940 
 Creator:  Raymond, Elizabath Murray; Raymond, Joseph Murray, 1839-1910Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Elizabeth Murray Raymond papers 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 document cases + 1 volume) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1125 
 Date:  1861-1999 
 Creator:  Raymond, Frederick Newton, 1873-1961Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Frederic N. Raymond 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 boxes + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  PP 42 
 Date:  1905-1906 
 Creator:  Raymond, Joseph Murray, 1839-1910; Raymond, Hila Bennitt, 1838-1926Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Raymond family papers 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (3 document cases + 1 card file box, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 190 
 Date:  1862-1977 
 Creator:  Raynesford, Howard C.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  George Ellis' Commission 
 Quantity:  15 leaves. 28cm. Typescript (carbon copy).Includes photograph and photocopy of Ellis' commission as 1st Lt. 
 Call Number:  RH MS P132 
 Date:  1953 
 Creator:  Rea, Tom PrattRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Civic Theaters Across Kansas records 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (4 document cases) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 520 
 Date:  1957-1975 (bulk 1960s) 
 Creator:  Read, Lathrop B. 1897-1974Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Pat Read papers, 1936-1959 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (3 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 843 
 Date:  1936-1959 
 Creator:  Reagan-Kendrick, AmberRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Amber Reagan-Kendrick 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  PP 578 
 Date:  1995-1997 
 Creator:  Realey, Charles BechdoltRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Charles B. Realey 
 Quantity:  5 linear feet (5 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 107 
 Date:  1927-1960 
 Creator:  Reddin, Kenneth, 1895-1967Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Writings and correspondence of Kenneth Reddin 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (3 document cases) 
 Call Number:  MS 14 
 Date:  1914-1958 
 Creator:  Redpath, James, 1833-1891Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Dr. Root from James Redpath 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf. 25 cm. Holograph, signed, dated Boston.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P134 
 Date:  Nov. 20, approximately 1870 
 Creator:  Reed, CynthiaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Cynthia Reed papers 
 Quantity:  5 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P835 
 Date:  1941-1954 
 Creator:  Reed, Gervais, 1897-1976Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Gervais F. Reed papers 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (1 box + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1176 
 Date:  1930-1998 
 Creator:  Reed, Joseph M., 1834?-1864Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Joseph M. Reed letters 
 Quantity:  1 volume (23 pages, 29cm. Photocopy of holograph.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D206 
 Date:  1858-1863 
 Creator:  Reed, HomerRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter 
 Quantity:  1 leaf. 22cm. Holograph, signed. 
 Call Number:  RH MS P135 
 Date:  December 24, 1887 
 Creator:  Reed, T.B. (Thomas Black)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  T.B. Reed papers 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (4 boxes + 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1052 
 Date:  1810-1950 
 Creator:  Reeling, J.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  J. Reeling letter to J. Beckett 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P698 
 Date:  November 22, 1809 
 Creator:  Rees, Jacob Griffin, 1825-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Rees, Wustefeld, and Wildgen family collection 
 Quantity:  3.75 linear feet (5 boxes + 4 oversize boxes, 1 oversize folder (ADDITION IS: 2 thin q-size boxes, 1 full size document case, 1 half size document case) ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1309 
 Date:  1806-1971 
 Creator:  Reichert, Albert A., 1876-1963Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Albert A. Reichert papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1028 
 Date:  1862-1951 
 Creator:  Reid, Albert Turner, 1873-1955Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Albert Reid miscellanea 
 Quantity:  25 x 38 cm3 folders (+ 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P717 
 Date:  1920s, 1953-1955 
 Creator:  Reid, Albert Turner, 1873-1955Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Albert T. Reid Cartoon Collection 
 Quantity:  14.5 linear feet (15 boxes + 53 oversize boxes, 134 oversize folders, 9 volumes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D171 
 Date:  1850s - 1960s (bulk 1920s-1950s) 
 Creator:  Reid, Albert Turner, 1873-1955; Davenport, DeaneRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  The Illustrated Detective Magazine "50 Famous Crimes" series 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (2 document cases + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1009 
 Date:  1922-1946 
 Creator:  Reid, Albert Turner, 1873-1955Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Illustrated letters to Grandgoy Leonard 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1358 
 Date:  1929-1946 
 Creator:  Reid, Albert Turner, 1873-1955Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Materials regarding the creation of a Dwight Eisenhower Monument 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 938 
 Date:  1945 
 Creator:  Reid, Mildred P.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Mildred P. Reid Mounger papers, 1904-1988 
 Quantity:  3 linear ft (4 boxes), 2 oversize boxes 
 Call Number:  RH MS 458 
 Date:  1904-1988 
 Creator:  Reid, Albert Turner, 1873-1955Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Albert T. Reid 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (2 document cases + 1 oversize box, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1029 
 Date:  1885-1956 
 Creator:  Reilly, Edward F.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Senator Edward F. Reilly papers, 1965-1992 
 Quantity:  35.5 linear ft. (36 boxes), 1 oversize box 
 Call Number:  RH MS 716 
 Location:  Contact Spencer Library Reader Services (Library Annex) 
 Date:  1965-1992 
 Creator:  Rein, William C., 1952-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William C. Rein papers 
 Quantity:  0.75 linear feet (2 document cases + 1 audiocassette) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1181 
 Date:  1985-1993, circa 2007 
 Creator:  Reiner, John S., 1885-1966Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  John and Lena Reiner papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear foot (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 838 
 Date:  1907-1974 
 Creator:  Relief Map of [the] U.S. military reservation, Fort Riley, Kansas.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Base Map 
 Quantity:  Map. 35x46 cm.Sheet, mounted.Scale: 1 inch = 40,000 ft. Color. Topographic shading by Raymond C. Moore. 
 Call Number:  RH MS Q51 
 Date:  November, 1917 
 Creator:  Remarque, Erich Maria, 1898-1970Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter from Erich Maria Remarque 
 Quantity:  1 folder 
 Call Number:  MS P745 
 Date:  November 26, 1937 
 Creator:  Renn, Della KnowlesRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Diary of Della Knowles, 1892 
 Quantity:  unpaged1 volume (+ 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS AK2 
 Date:  1892 
 Creator:  Reno-Lawrence Helpers Club, Lawrence, Kansas.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Correspondence 
 Quantity:  ca. 200 items 
 Call Number:  RH MS 242 
 Date:  1930-1973 
 Creator:  Reno-Lawrence Helpers Club, Lawrence, Kansas.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Minute Book 
 Quantity:  3v. sizes vary. 
 Call Number:  RH MS E133 
 Date:  1923-1956 
 Creator:  Republican Party (Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Kansas Republican Party records 
 Quantity:  95.5 linear feet (104 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 923 
 Date:  1960-1979 
 Creator:  Reuter Organ CompanyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Reuter Organ Company photograph collection 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (3 document cases of prints + 4 boxes of negatives) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 68 
 Date:  approximately 1917-1940s 
 Creator:  Reynolds, Dorothy Cotton, 1912-2002Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Dorothy Cotton Reynolds papers 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box + 5 folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 963 
 Date:  1908-1989 
 Creator:  Reynolds, StanleyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Stanley and Nelle Heady Reynolds letters 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1047 
 Date:  1917-1945 
 Creator:  Reynolds, TedRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ted Reynolds papers 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 962 
 Date:  1864-1986 
 Creator:  Rhee, Francesca Donner, 1900-1992Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Correspondence between the families of President Syngman Rhee and General Lyman Lemnitzer 
 Quantity:  .25 linear foot (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  MS 256 
 Date:  1956-1983 
 Creator:  Rhodes, Richard, 1937-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Richard Rhodes papers 
 Quantity:  85.70 linear feet (86 boxes + 8 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1134 
 Date:  1938-2011 
 Creator:  Ricard, Virginia B.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Virginia Ricard papers 
 Quantity:  0.25 linear feet (1 box + 2 folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1166 
 Date:  1922-1927, 1951-1992 
 Creator:  Ricart, DomingoRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Just across the tracks 
 Quantity:  1 folder (75 pages) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P367 
 Date:  1967 
 Creator:  Rice, Raymond F.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Raymond F. Rice 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 394 
 Date:  1913-1931 
 Creator:  Rice, Esther Christianson, 1928-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Who killed our son? ; an account of the circumstances and subsequent investigation of the death of Harry Nicholas Rice 
 Quantity:  1 folder (80 pages) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P617 
 Date:  2003 
 Creator:  Richards, Oscar G., 1836-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Correspondence 
 Quantity:  11 items 
 Call Number:  RH MS P136 
 Date:  1902-1909 
 Creator:  Richards, Oscar G. 1836-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Map, Quantrill's route to Lawrence [Eudora?] 
 Quantity:  Map 61 x 82cm. 
 Call Number:  RH MS R3 
 Date:  1909? 
 Creator:  Richards, Mary, b. 1798Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Mary Richards letters to her brother Giles Richards 
 Quantity:  25 x 38 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P802 
 Date:  1836 
 Creator:  Richards, William Earl, 1921-; Freemasons. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Kansas.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  William E. Richards papers 
 Quantity:  0.5 linear feet (1 document case + 5 folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1105 
 Date:  1944-1998 
 Creator:  Richardson, Flora, 1851-1924Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Flora Richardson 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case) 
 Call Number:  PP 443 
 Date:  1812-1962 
 Creator:  Richmond, Cynthia A., b. 1849;Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter regarding Abraham Lincoln 
 Quantity:  25 x 38 cm2 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P800 
 Date:  September 3, 1935; letter of transmittal: March 13, 1947 
 Creator:  Riddick, Margaret, active 1982Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ruby family history and photograph 
 Quantity:  1 folder (2 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P436 
 Date:  after 1880 
 Creator:  Riddle, John H.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Michael J. Brodhead 
 Quantity:  1 folder (2 pages. 28cm. Typescript, signed with handwritten postscript.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P137 
 Date:  February 4, 1966 
 Creator:  Ridenour-Baker Grocery Company.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ridenour-Baker Grocery Co. business records 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box, 1 oversize box ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1086 
 Date:  approximately 1858-1910 
 Creator:  Riggs, Henry Earle, 1865-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  The history of our ancestors; a record of the Riggs, Baldridge and Agnew families 
 Quantity:  Appendix. Typewritten. Appendix: "Recollections of Kate D. E. Riggs of Quantrill's 1 volume (269 pages. 28 cm. ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D59 
 Date:  1915 
 Creator:  Riggs, Kate L.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters of Kate L. Riggs. Together with family memorabilia and photographs. 
 Quantity:  12 folders (+ 1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 137 
 Date:  1899-1900 
 Creator:  Riggs , Elmer S., 1869-1963Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Elmer S. Riggs 
 Quantity:  1 volume (1 oversize volume) 
 Call Number:  PP 96 
 Date:  1898-1928 
 Creator:  Riggs, Kate L.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Student handbook of Lawrence, Kansas, with address and memoranda 
 Quantity:  1 volume (88 pages, 2 leaves. 15cm. ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS A22 
 Date:  approximately 1906-1911 
 Creator:  Riggs, Warren H. (W.H.); Miller, Jon G.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  United States Army, 17th Corps, Hospital in Marietta, Georgia, Effects of Deceased Soldiers 
 Quantity:  1 volume (1 volume + 1 folder) Exercise book: brown marbled cardboard with brown diced leather spine.Label on cover reads "Effects of Deceased Soldiers;" each entry is headed "Hospital 17th A.C. Marietta Ga." 
 Call Number:  MS C254 
 Date:  July–October 1864 
 Creator:  Riseley, Jerry B.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Jerry B. Riseley, Jr. 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 371 
 Date:  1943-1989 
 Creator:  Riss, Robert B. (Robert Bailey), 1927-2005Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Robert B. Riss Collection 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 document case + 2 oversize boxes, 2 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  MS 331 
 Date:  approximately 1400-1949 
 Creator:  River City Investors (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  River City Investors records 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (2 document cases + 1 oversize folder, 4 folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 650 
 Date:  1995-2010 
 Creator:  River City ProductionsRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  River City Reunion records 
 Quantity:  3.25 linear feet (5 boxes, + 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 788 
 Date:  1987 
 Creator:  Rivers, KateRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Seymour Hicks 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P712 
 Date:  August 25, after 1903 
 Creator:  Robbins, Ronald Maxwell, 1926-1993; Tarlton, Janice Marylyn, 1934-2006; Tarlton, John, -2014Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Robbins Family Papers and Memorabilia 
 Quantity:  8.5 linear feet (14 boxes + 5 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1364 
 Date:  1910-2000 
 Creator:  Robert B. Teska AssociatesRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Recommended comprehensive development plan for downtown Lawrence, Kansas 
 Quantity:  82-page typescript and letter1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P705 
 Date:  September 10, 1981 ; accompanying letter: November 3, 1981 
 Creator:  Robert BarnesRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Photograph collection of Lawrence, Kansas residents 
 Quantity:  1 box (18 photographs) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 87 
 Date:  1860-1870 
 Creator:  Robert Mills Literary AgencyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Corporate Papers of the Robert Mills Literary Agency 
 Quantity:  24 linear feet (25 boxes) 
 Call Number:  MS 307 
 Date:  1948-1989 
 Creator:  Roberts, G. HaroldRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  The Kansas Christian Missionary Society is born 
 Quantity:  1 folder (2 items, 12 pages. Typescript.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P397 
 Date:  1958 
 Creator:  Roberts, Richard HenryRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters to Richard Henry Roberts 
 Quantity:  1 box (73 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 132 
 Date:  1838-1869 
 Creator:  Roberts, Ray B.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Roberts family papers 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 954 
 Date:  1900-1956 
 Creator:  Robertson, Donald ClausRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Donald C. Robertson 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 189 
 Date:  1974 
 Creator:  Robinson, Sara Tappan Doolittle, 1827-1911Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Clipping scrapbooks compiled by Sara Robinson 
 Quantity:  illustrations; maps6 Volumes 
 Call Number:  RH MS E67 
 Date:  1857-1894 
 Creator:  Robinson, Samuel, active 1888-1898Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Evidence in the Haystack Murder Cases 
 Quantity:  1 volume (326 leaves. Typescript) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D27 
 Date:  1911 
 Creator:  Robinson, Christine M. Freedom Coalition (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Les-Bi-Gay-Trans collected material 
 Quantity:  1.25 linear feet (2 boxes + 1 oversize box, 2 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 900 
 Date:  1999-2001 
 Creator:  Robinson, Sara T. L. (Sara Tappan Lawrence), 1827-1911Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter from Sara T. D. Robinson, Oakridge (Lawrence, Kansas), to Professor and Mrs. Charles G. Dunlap 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1-page letter) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P610 
 Date:  March 5, 1902 
 Creator:  Robinson, Sara Tappan Doolittle, 1827-1911Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letters from Sara Robinson 
 Quantity:  37 items 
 Call Number:  RH MS P141 
 Date:  1850-1909 
 Creator:  Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894 George, Henry, 1839-1897 Booth, Edw.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Charles Robinson 
 Quantity:  2 boxes 
 Call Number:  RH MS 38 
 Date:  1836-1911 
 Creator:  Robinson, Edward S.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Edward S. Robinson 
 Quantity:  6 linear feet (7 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 89 
 Date:  1946-1968 
 Creator:  Robinson, Betty Clapp, 1912-2000Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Robinson-Clapp Family Archives 
 Quantity:  36 linear feet (47 boxes + 33 oversize boxes, 1 legal-size folder, 21 oversize folders) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 578 
 Date:  1890-2009 
 Creator:  Robitaille, RobertRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Letter to Irvin P. Long, guardian of Susan Mofat 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf. 20 cm.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P138 
 Date:  March 25, 1864 
 Creator:  Robnett, George WashingtonRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  George Washington Robnett papers 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (3 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH WL MS 14 
 Date:  1950-1969 
 Creator:  Rodgers, William RedfieldRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Old Sacramento; an account of the cannon reputed to have fired the first shot against slavery 
 Quantity:  2 Volumes (illustration, Typescripts, bound with photographs and annotated newspaper clippings.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D29 
 Date:  1935 
 Creator:  Rodgers, Robert J., 1950-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Robert J. Rodgers 
 Quantity:  11.5 linear feet (12 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1222 
 Date:  1950-2010 
 Creator:  Roe, George, active 1856Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Statement regarding Kansas history in 1856 and later 
 Quantity:  1 folder (14 pages on 9 leaves. 22 cm. Handwritten.Typewritten transcript included. ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P142 
 Date:  May 20, 1925 
 Creator:  Rogers, Anna Barbara Harmony, 1840-1933Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Memoirs dictated by Anna Barbara Rogers to Bess Rogers Frazer 
 Quantity:  1 folder (11 pages) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P315 
 Date:  between 1906 and 1933 
 Creator:  Rogers, Peter, active 1647Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Obligations by Peter Rogers, gent. of Middlesex and Peter Brockelsbye, gent., of St. Andrew's Holborn, Middlesex, to pay Edward Thomas de Graies 200 English pounds 
 Quantity:  Vellum1 box (1 item) 
 Call Number:  MS 12:2 
 Date:  October 1647 
 Creator:  Rogers, Riley, 1862-1952.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Riley Rogers family papers 
 Quantity:  5 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P824 
 Date:  1942-1990 
 Creator:  Rome, Adam, 1959-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Hidden places: the Mexican Fiesta broadcast tape 
 Quantity:  1 audiocassette 
 Call Number:  RH Cassette Tape 29 
 Date:  1984 
 Creator:  Root, Frank A.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Early reminiscences in Atchison in 1859 / by Frank A. Root. - Atchison, Kan. ; Atchison Daily Champion 
 Quantity:  1 volume (5 pages; 30 cm. Mounted newspaper clippings.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS E166 
 Date:  1880 
 Creator:  Rosenberg, Ruby HollandRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ruby Rosenberg papers regarding William Allen White 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 boxes, + 1 volume) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 772 
 Date:  1920-1980 
 Creator:  Rosenbloom, Mary M.; Graves, KathyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  "Seekers of Light and Knowledge and Library Service and Library Service in Troy, Kansas" paper and research materials 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 653 
 Date:  1979-1989 
 Creator:  Ross, Merrill, 1919-2012Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Merrill Ross collection 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 document case + 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P558 
 Date:  approximately 1944-1977 
 Creator:  Rossetti, Christina Georgina, 1830-1894; Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, 1828-1882; Siddall, Elizabeth; Rossetti, Gabriele, 1783-1854; Rossetti, Lucy Madox Brown, 1843-1894; Rossetti, William Michael, 1829-1919; Agresti, Olivia RossettiRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Rossetti Family Correspondence 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (approximately 250 items (2 boxes)) 
 Call Number:  MS 23 
 Date:  1824-1913 
 Creator:  Rotary Club (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lawrence Rotary Club records 
 Quantity:  37.5 linear feet (42 boxes, 2 volumes, 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 657 
 Date:  1917-2012 
 Creator:  Rothstein, Hugo, 1810-1865Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Hugo Rothstein Letter 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf) 
 Call Number:  MS P724 
 Date:  January 5, 1853 
 Creator:  Round Table Club (Lawrence, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Records of the Round Table Club 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (6 boxes + 1 volume) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1322 
 Date:  1884-2017 
 Creator:  Rowe, Elfriede FischerRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Elfriede Fischer Rowe papers 
 Quantity:  1.75 linear feet (5 document cases + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 958 
 Date:  1899-1984 
 Creator:  Rowe, Elfriede FischerRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Elfriede F. Rowe 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  PP 143 
 Date:  1903-1908 
 Creator:  Royde-Smith, NaomiRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Naomi Royde-Smith papers 
 Quantity:  2.5 linear feet (5 document cases) 
 Call Number:  MS 1 
 Date:  1926-1934 
 Creator:  Rudesill, Henry M., 1873-1953Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Henry M. Rudesill Papers 
 Quantity:  0.25 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1267 
 Date:  1893-1898 
 Creator:  Ruffino, Bartolomeo, active 1577Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Historia di M. Bartolomeo Ruffino auditore in Tunisi della impressa che fece l'armata Turchesca a Tunisi il force et la golezza l'anno 1574 
 Quantity:  Binding: Vellum. Title on bottom edge.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS D62 
 Date:  1577 
 Creator:  Ruge, Rudolph H., 1894-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Collection of Rudolph H. Ruge 
 Quantity:  59 cm x 90 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS R302 
 Date:  1919 
 Creator:  Ruhe, Edward L. (Edward Lehman), 1923-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  "A list of books published by Edmund Curll, 1706-1714" and related papers 
 Quantity:  Binding: Mostly unbound materials.1 linear foot (2 document cases + 1 oversize folder ) 
 Call Number:  MS 218 
 Date:  1675-1747; 1956; 1959-1972 
 Creator:  Ruhe, Edward L. (Edward Lehman), 1923-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal papers of Edward L. Ruhe 
 Quantity:  12 linear feet (12 boxes + 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 510 
 Date:  1951-1989 
 Creator:  Rummer, Dale I.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Dale Rummer 
 Quantity:  4 linear feet (4 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 383 
 Date:  1948-1993 
 Creator:  Rumold, Christian Ferdinand, 1873-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Christian F. Rumold reminiscence 
 Quantity:  1 folder (10 leaves. Typescript, carbon copy.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P471 
 Date:  approximately 1964 
 Creator:  Rumsey, DorothyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Fred and Dorothy Rumsey papers 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (2 boxes, 1 oversize folder, 2 oversize boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 636 
 Date:  1890-2001 
 Creator:  Rupp, Adolph, 1901-1977Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Adolph Rupp 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  PP 221 
 Date:  1967-1977 
 Creator:  Ruppenthal, Lloyd H., 1901-1987Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Lloyd H. Ruppenthal papers 
 Quantity:  6.25 linear feet (13 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 844 
 Date:  1935-1976 
 Creator:  Rusco, Elmer R.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Elmer Rusco papers 
 Quantity:  1.5 linear feet (3 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 748 
 Date:  1941-1969 
 Creator:  Russell, Ronald D., 1931-2003.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Ronald D. Russell Letters, 1952-2003 
 Quantity:  6.5 linear ft. (8 boxes), 1 oversized box 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1210 
 Date:  1952-2003 
 Creator:  Russell, Thomas, active 1850Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Thomas Russell letter 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 leaf. 25cm. Holograph, signed.) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P139 
 Date:  between 1850 and 1859 
 Creator:  Ruth, Wilbur G.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  History of the Missouri, Kansas and Colorado Railroad from 1873-1882 
 Quantity:  1 folder (7 leaves. 28cm. Typescript. ) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P140 
 Date:  1964 
 Creator:  Ryan, Kathleen A.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  The Legacy of the Lawrence League for the Practice of Democracy: the Lawrence Community Nursery; a paper 
 Quantity:  28 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P834 
 Date:  undated 
 Creator:  Ryther, Thomas C.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  A few facts about Eugene Leslie Haynes. 
 Quantity:  7 leaves ; 28 cm. Typescript (photocopy) 
 Call Number:  RH MS D229 
 Date:  1980 
 Creator:  Ryther, Thomas E.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Personal Papers of Thomas E. Ryther 
 Quantity:  15.25 linear feet (16 boxes) 
 Call Number:  PP 271 
 Date:  1920-1970 
 Creator:  Ryther, Thomas C.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  A tribute to Roy Flory 
 Quantity:  5 leaves. 28cm. Xerox copy of typescript. 
 Call Number:  RH MS P237 
 Date:  1971