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 Creator:  Vail, Thomas Hubbard, 1812-1889Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Bishop Vail house (Lawrence, Kansas) papers 
 Quantity:  24 x 36 cm1 folder 
 Call Number:  RH MS P825 
 Date:  1870; 1951-1954 
 Creator:  Vail, Thomas Hubbard, 1812-1889Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Thomas Hubbard Vail letters 
 Quantity:  1 folder (6 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P168 
 Date:  1872-1874 
 Creator:  Valentine , Daniel Mulford, 1830-1907Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Daniel Mulford Valentine papers 
 Quantity:  .75 linear feet (2 document cases + 4 folders, 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 888 
 Date:  1844-1924 
 Creator:  Vallehi Girl Scout CouncilRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Vallehi Girl Scout Council records 
 Quantity:  1 folder (25 x 38 cm) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P638 
 Date:  1958-1959 
 Creator:  Van Hoesen, Isaac N. (Isaac Newton), 1841-1897Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Isaac Van Hoesen collection 
 Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1 box + 1 oversize folder, 1 volume, 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P478 
 Date:  1843-1900 
 Creator:  Van Vogt, A. E. (Alfred Elton), 1912-2000Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of A. E. van Vogt 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (2 boxes) 
 Call Number:  MS 322 
 Date:  1953-1984 
 Creator:  Van Wyck, Charles Henry, 1824-1895Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Van Wyck-Brodhead papers 
 Quantity:  6 linear feet 
 Call Number:  RH MS 98 
 Date:  1857-1905 
 Creator:  Vanderslice, Daniel, 1799-1889Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Daniel Vanderslice correspondence, receipts, and legal documents. 
 Quantity:  6 folders (71 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 136 
 Date:  1826-1907 
 Creator:  Vanderslice-Lynds Company (Kansas City, Mo.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Vanderslice-Lynds Company shipping records 
 Quantity:  2 Volumes 
 Call Number:  RH MS CK19 
 Date:  1911-1912 
 Creator:  Vandervelde, Conrad, 1879-1969Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Conrad Vandervelde papers 
 Quantity:  2.25 linear feet (3 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 721 
 Date:  1928-1964 
 Creator:  Vandiver, Josephine C.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Josephine C. Vandiver papers 
 Quantity:  1 linear feet (3 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 426 
 Date:  1944-1995 
 Creator:  Vansickle, John HenryRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Deed 
 Quantity:  Sheet. 43 x 36cm.Handwritten on printed form. 
 Call Number:  RH MS Q12 
 Date:  February 21, 1859 
 Creator:  Vansickle, John HenryRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  John Henry Vansickle letters 
 Quantity:  2 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P170 
 Date:  1858-1863 
 Creator:  VariousRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Business cards, Lawrence, Kan. 
 Quantity:  1 folder (20 items) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P479 
 Date:  1880's 
 Creator:  Venerable, Grant D., 1905-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Grant D. Venerable family papers 
 Quantity:  8 folders (7 folders + 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P946 
 Date:  1890-2004 
 Creator:  Venice (Republic : To 1797)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Due Relazioni fatte alla Sereniss[im]a Republica di Venezia dall' Ecc[ellen]ze loro Nicolo Erizzo, [e] Marco Foscarini, Ambas [ciato]ri alle Corte di Roma & Torino 
 Quantity:  Binding: Vellum (modern?). Material: Paper with watermark. 1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS D48 
 Date:  late 18th Century? 
 Creator:  Venice (Republic: 1797)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Relazioni di vari proveditori gen[era]li rittornati ... di Dalm[azia] et Alb[ani]a ... [e] di Morea 
 Quantity:  Binding: Vellum. Material: Paper. 1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS C95 
 Date:  Between 1697 and 1710 
 Creator:  Verne O. Williams Photographic Co.Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Camp Funston, Fort Riley photograph 
 Quantity:  1 linear foot (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH PH 513 
 Date:  1918 
 Creator:  Vernon, William Tecumseh, 1871-Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Papers of Bishop William Tecumseh Vernon 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (5 boxes + 1 oversize box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 529 
 Date:  1897-1989 
 Creator:  Villars, Pierre, marquis de, 1618-1698Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Pierre Villars' Memoirs of the Court of Spain 
 Quantity:  Binding: 19th Century polished calf, with supra-libros of Sir William Stirling-Maxwell. Pagination: [5 leaves (2 engraved parts between 3 & 4)] 427p [13 leaves]. Ornamentation: 2 engraved portraits of Louis Hector, duc de Villars, 1653-1734 bound in (one pasted to the back of the other). Material: Paper.Volume measures 242 x 183 mm.1 volume (1 volume + 1 folder) 
 Call Number:  MS C84 
 Date:  after 1682 (18th century?) 
 Creator:  Villiers, Mary Fairfax, Duchess of Buckingham, 1638-1704Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Legal Document of Mary Fairfax Villiers 
 Quantity:  Includes applied seal (cameo). 1 folder (1 page) 
 Call Number:  MS Q2:8 
 Date:  August 31, 1674 
 Creator:  Vincent, W. G. (Wendell G.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  W.G. Vincent papers 
 Quantity:  7 linear feet (15 boxes) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 933 
 Date:  approximately 1900-1946 
 Creator:  Vinland Fair (Vinland, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Vinland Grange and Fair records, 1868-2007 
 Quantity:  3.75 linear ft (8 boxes), 1 oversize box (22.5x26.5") 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1056 
 Date:  1868-2007 
 Creator:  Vinland Telephone CompanyRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  History of the Vinland Telephone Company and its people. 
 Quantity:  1 folder (1 item) 
 Call Number:  RH MS P459 
 Date:  1903-1973 
 Creator:  Vissering, S. (Simon), 1818-1888Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Manuscript notes about the history of political-economical theory 
 Quantity:  Volume measures no taller than 25 cm.1 volume 
 Call Number:  MS C237 
 Date:  Between 1871 and 1937 
 Creator:  Vogel (Family : 1916-)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Vogel family collection 
 Quantity:  2 linear feet (4 boxes + 1 audio cassette) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1446 
 Date:  1952-2015 
 Creator:  Volunteer Clearing House of Douglas County (Douglas County, Kan.)Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Volunteer Clearing House of Douglas County records 
 Quantity:  3 linear feet (4 document cases) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 178 
 Date:  1973-1976 
 Creator:  Von Stiers, Gertrude, b. 1876;Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Gertrude Von Stiers letters 
 Quantity:  25 x 38 cm2 folders 
 Call Number:  RH MS P810 
 Date:  November 18, 1969, January 6, 1970 
 Creator:  Voth, Waldo O., 1911-2000; Voth, Emma Unruh, 1909-1996Requires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Voth, Unruh, and Banman families collection 
 Quantity:  22.75 linear feet (24 boxes + 5 oversize boxes, 1 oversize folder) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1455 
 Date:  1865-2009 
 Creator:  Vratil, AltheaRequires cookie*
 Collection Title:  Althea Vratil papers 
 Quantity:  .5 linear feet (1 box) 
 Call Number:  RH MS 1078 
 Date:  1940s